MATCH REPORT: Burns takes over 40s win in the opening Eurovets meeting

Northumbria staged the opening round of the 2017 Eurovets Championship on Saturday. Eleven riders contested the over 40s and fourteen in the over 50/60s.

After days of sunshine, Cramlington was overcast and there was a keen wind. However, nothing of course could deter the riders, and there was forty exciting qualifying races.

In the young man’s event, midland riders dominated, joined by Northumbria’s Jason Keith. Leicester’s Kevin Burns headed the score chart, only losing to team mate Mark Whitehead. There was plenty of passing in the final, but Kevin was not to be denied and took the honours for the second year running.

At the back a tight race for third saw Keith and Marchant collide on the last lap with Marchant deemed the cause of the stoppage. Runner up was Mark Winwood.

The over 50/60s was dominated by by Leicester riders, Norman Venson and Dave Frith, with Hethersett’s Glen Morgan and Paddy Wenn of Norwich right there too. Norman dropped one point to Dave Frith, who won his first four rides, but unfortunately clearly rode into the tapes in his last.

The final went to Norman Venson with a swift start from the inside. Paddy Wenn was second with Glen Morgan third, Clearly disappointed Dave Frith was at the rear. Phill Hemming took the over 60s top spot winning from Kirkup, Rothwell and Patterson.

The meeting was kindly sponsored by Action Streets, a sustainable transport consultancy, director Richie Smith, member of the Northumbria club dedicated the event to remember his friend, Andy Giesel, who lost his fight against cancer last year at the age of 50. We thank Richie for providing all the trophies.

Over 40s qualifying scores

Kevin Burns (Leicester 19, Mark Winwood (Birmingham) 18, Craig Marchant (Leicester) 18, Jason Keith (Northumbria) 18 Mark Whitehead (Leicester) 17, Martyn Hollebon (Hellingly)15, Eddie Ridley (Hellingly) 14, Mick Knowles (Astley and Tyldesley) 13, Richie Smith (Northumbria) 11, Jim Collier Horspath 10, Paul Thompson (Northumbria) 10.

A Final 1st Kevin Burns, 2nd Mark Winwood, 3rd Jason Keith 4th Craig Marchant

B Final 1st Mark Whitehead 2nd Martyn Hollebon, 3rd Eddie Ridley, 4th Mick Knowles.

Over 50/60s qualifying scores

Norman Venson (Leicester 19, Glen Morgan (Hellingly, 17, Paddy Wenn (Norwich) 17 Paul Hemming (Wednesfield) 16, Dave Frith (Leicester) 15, Terry Kirkup (Northumbria) 15, John Wilson (Northumbria) 15, Shane Gray (Northumbria), 13, Fred Rothwell (unattached) 12, Colin Gray (Glasgow) 11, Norman Carson (Northumbria 10, Alan Patterson (Northumbria)10, JP Colback (Northumbria) 9, Chic Mackie (Glasgow) 7.

Over 50s A Final 1st Norman Venson, 2nd P Wenn, 3rd Glen Morgan, 4th D Frith

B Final 1 Phil Hemming, 2 Terry Kirkup, 3 John Wilson, 4 Colin Gray

Over 60s A Final 1st Phil Hemming 2nd Terry Kirkup, 3rd Fred Rothwell, 4th Alan Patterson

B Final 1st Chic Mackie, 2nd Norman Carson.

Referee Keith Dyer

Cover photo: Kevin Burns and Dave Firth racing for Leicester by Paul Devine.