MATCH REPORT: Daniel Robb 2017 South Australian Champion

It was a great day of racing in the South Australian Championships with 130 riders competing in the 10 Divisions.

There were very few accidents except for Division 1 where you expect sparks to fly.

It was no easy task making the Grand Final with 19 riders. There were 4 minor rounds with 5 heats in each round so it was the ‘luck of the draw’ who you rode against and what grid you were on.

The top four point scorers going into the sudden death final were Ty Geertsen on 1, Cody Chadwick on 2, Jack Norman on 3 and Daniel Robb on 4 (after a run off with Shane Bentley to get into the final).

Geertsen held his gate with Chadwick slotting into second, but coming out of turn 2, Chadwick looked to get under Geertsen and got caught on his back wheel which put him back to fourth. Meanwhile, Robb powered around the outside and gained the lead on the pit turn which sealed the results.

Jack Norman was outstanding as a junior competing in the top division and when Chadwick tried to get under him in the last lap he held his cool and Chadwick went down leaving Norman to finish third.

Referee: Steve Denison-Smith