AUSTRALIA: Salisbury win division 1 round 2 at Findon, Comets take division 4

As expected, there was plenty of action in the Division 1 League held at Findon last weekend, with the LeFevre Dolphins trying to knock the Salisbury Jets off the top of the table, but it was not to be.

After race 12 of the 18 heat formula, the Jets were only 3 points in front of the Dolphins, but unfortunately the Dolphins suffered an exclusion and a 6-4 against.

Shane Bentley and Angus Freeman were the top scorers for the Comets.

Salisbury Jets 68
LeFevre Dolphins 60
Findon Comets 51

Referee: Brad Delmenico

Daniel Robb and Cody Chadwick coming to grief.

Findon Comets Win Division 4 Round 2

On a beautiful sunny day the racing was hot with the Findon Comets doing battle with the Salisbury Jets and LeFevre Dolphins for top spot of the Under 13s League Ladder on 20inch bikes.

Cooper Osborne, Braylan and Tylar MacDonald were the top scorers for the Comets.

Bradley Williams-Cook was the anchor for the Jets and he was ably assisted by Tre Shaw and Cooper Davies.

The Dolphins had a surprise package in Liam O’Donohue who has only been racing for 4 weeks but he made the opposition sit up and start to worry for round 3 in a few weeks time.

Many of the race positions chopped and changed and the scoresheet does not reflect the closeness of the match.

Findon Comets 72
Salisbury Jets 62
LeFevre Dolphins 46

Referee: Brad Delmenico