PREVIEW: 2017 Club Championships and Little League

This Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend welcomes the 2017 Cycle Speedway Club Championships – a feast of racing across the South West and Wales region at Newport, Poole and Horspath.

The CS Little League kicks this off on Saturday morning at 10am in Newport, with the first Little League U10 Club Championships, after a centralised youth policy was trickled down to all disciplines last year. Six teams contest the first competition, Newport, Poole 1, Kesgrave, Exeter, Coventry and Poole 2.

Swiftly following, the Club Championships get underway with the U12s at 11:15am. Newport, Ipswich, Poole and Wednesfield are in semi one, while Coventry, Birmingham, Kesgrave and Exeter line up in semi 2.

Just Wednesfield, Ipswich and Poole take on the U14s in a straight final, while Sheffield, Wednesfield, Newport, Poole and Ipswich do battle for the Junior title to close the opening day of racing.

Moving on to Poole on Sunday. Poole, Leicester and Ipswich take on each other in the first U16 Girls Club Championship final. Leicester, Wednesfield, Ipswich, Poole and Birmingham follow in the Over 40s final at 1:00pm.

Leicester will try and make it 12 titles in a row in the Women’s event at 2:30pm. Poole, Sheffield and Ipswich will be doing their best to stop them, in what should be an entertaining final to wrap up the days racing.

Horspath host Bank Holiday Monday’s action, which promises to be a sizeable day. Poole, Stockport, Great Blakenham, Kesgrave and Wednesfield open the day early at 9:30am for the U16 boys semi 1. Coventry, Sheffield, Ipswich, East Park and Birmingham contest semi 2 straight after.

At 12noon, the senior event starts with two semi finals, the teams in the first semi will be wondering what they did to earn such a difficult draw, as it could easily be a final line up. Great Blakenham, Birmingham, Stockport, Wednesfield and Ipswich all feature, with the top 3 making the final.

A weaker second semi will give a couple of teams an excellent chance of making the final. South West big guns, Newport and Poole will be favourites, but take your pick out of East Park, Sheffield, Coventry and Hethersett to clinch the final spot.

The U16 boys final takes place at 2:45pm, with the open final at 4:15pm, and bringing this year’s competition to a close.

Host clubs are reminded to submit results to 33/18 News and British Cycling at their earliest convenience.

Good luck to all teams and volunteers on what should be a good weekend of racing, let’s hope the weather is kinder than the forecast!

Full draw

2017 British Cycling British Cycle Speedway Club Championships
Saturday 27th May – Newport
Under 12 (Open to riders born 2005/06)
Semi 1 – 1115 (Top 2 to go through to Final )
1 Newport CSC
2 Ipswich CSC
3 Poole CSC
4 Wednesfield Aces CSC
5 East Park CSC
Semi 2 – 1215 (Top 2 to go through to Final)
6 Kesgrave Panthers CSC
7 Coventry CSC
8 Birmingham Monarchs CSC
9 Exeter Aces CSC
Under 14 (Open to riders born 2003/06)
Final – 1315
1 Wednesfield Aces CSC
2 Spare
3 Ipswich CSC
4 Poole CSC
Under 12’s Final – 1415
Junior (Open to riders born 1999/04)
Final – 1545
1 Sheffield Stars CSC
2 Wednesfield Aces CSC
3 Poole CSC
4 Ipswich CSC
5 Newport CSC
Finish – 1715
Sunday 28th May – Poole
Final – 1200
Under 16 Girls (Open to Riders Born 2001/06)
1 Poole CSC
2 Leicester CSC
3 Blank
4 Ipswich CSC
Over 40’s (Open to riders born 1977 or before)
Final – 1300
1 Leicester CSC
2 Wednesfield Aces CSC
3 Poole CSC
4 Ipswich CSC
5 Birmingham Monarchs CSC
Women (Open to Riders Born 2004 or before)
Final – 1430
1 Poole CSC
2 Leicester CSC
3 Sheffield Stars CSC
4 Ipswich CSC
Finish – 1600
Monday 29th May – Horspath
Under 16 (Open to Riders Born 2001/06)
Semi 1 – 0930 (Top 3 to go through to Final)
1 Poole CSC
2 Stockport (2006) CSC
3 Great Blakenham CSC
4 Kesgrave Panthers CSC
5 Wednesfield Aces CSC
Semi 2 – 1045 (Top 3 to go through to Final)
6 Coventry CSC
7 Sheffield Stars CSC
8 Ipswich CSC
9 East Park CSC
10 Birmingham Monarchs CSC
Open (Open to Riders Born 2004 or before)
Semi 1 – 1200 (Top 3 to go through to Final)
1 Great Blakenham CSC
2 Birmingham Monarchs CSC
3 Stockport (2006) CSC
4 Wednesfield Aces CSC
5 Ipswich CSC
Semi 2 – 1315 (Top 3 to go through to Final)
6 Newport CSC
7 East Park CSC
8 Coventry CSC
9 Poole CSC
10 Sheffield Stars CSC
11 Hethersett Hawks CSC
Under 16 Final – 14.45
Open Final – 16.15
Finish – 1815


Little League

  1. Newport
  2. Poole 1
  3. Kesgrave
  4. Exeter
  5. Coventry
  6. Poole 2