MATCH REPORT: Manchester League Round Two

Bury hosted Round 2 of the Manchester League Grand Prix series on a hot, sunny evening last week.

Bury’s Kaci Neath rode to a maximum score in the U10 match, twice beating A&T’s Duncan Whalley. A&T’s Emily Burgess made it a double success for the girls, by also riding unbeaten in the U13s match, twice beating team mate John White.

A&T’s Max Evans top scored in the U16s match, losing only to Stockport’s Michael Preston in heat 1. A&T’s Reece Pollitt scored 16 on the track in this match, as the only U19 rider. Defending Division 2 champions, Astley & Tyldesley, raced to their second win in the team competition.

Manchester League Division 2 results (top 5 scorers only count to team totals)
Astley & Tyldesley 75 Bury 51 Stockport 37

U10: Kaci Neath (Bury) 16, Duncan Whalley (A&T) 14, Aiden Green (A&T) 12, Frank White (A&T) 11, Fraser Brundrett (A&T) 9, Lucy Grantham (A&T) 8, Rowan Neath (Bury) 6, Daniel Johnson (A&T) 4.

U13: Emily Burgess (A&T) 16, John White (A&T) 14, Harry Radford (Bury) 13, Charlie Burgess (A&T) 11, Josh Neath (Bury) 10, Thom Deakin (Bury) 6, Charlie Thacker (Bury) 6, Hermoine Whalley (Bury) 4.

U16s: Max Evans (A&T) 15, Michael Preston (Stockport) 14, Louis Wright (Stockport) 13, Ben Forshaw (A&T) 10, Devon Campbell (Stockport) 10.

U19s: Reece Pollitt (A&T) 16.

Referees – Matthew Turnbull and John Burston

A&T’s Reece Pollitt rode to a fine 16 points maximum in the Senior (Division 1 match). Bury’s Kris Ramsden impressed, losing only to Pollitt in heat 10. Defending Division 1 champions, Stockport, won the team event, to move level with Astley & Tyldesley.

Manchester League Division 1 results (top 5 scorers only count to team totals)
Stockport 57 Astley & Tyldesley 52 Sheffield 21 Bury 15

Seniors: Reece Pollitt (A&T) 16, Kris Ramsden (Bury) 15, Jake Read (Stockport) 14, Adam Watson (Sheffield) 13, Ben Higham (Stockport) 13, Max Evans (A&T) 13, Louis Wright (Stockport) 11, Devon Campbell (Stockport) 10, Mark Grantham (A&T) 10, Michael Preston (Stockport) 9, Emily Burgess (A&T) 8, Laura Watson (Sheffield) 8, Ben Forshaw (A&T) 5, Mark Brundrett (A&T) 5.

Referee – John Burston