MATCH REPORT: A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 3

Astley & Tyldesley staged Round 3 of the A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix series at a sunny Gin Pit on Tuesday evening.

There was a record turn out of 30 riders which saw the riders split into two groups, run as separate matches. As ever, riders were handicapped by the club’s coaches, according to age, ability and experience.

Young Rhys Rhind won the ‘A’ match, after scoring 14 points. There was a four rider run-off for the minor placings, with Frank White heading Charlie Burgess home to secure 2nd and 3rd places.

In the ‘B’ match, Raife Rhind scored a 16 points maximum to make it a family double. In a run-off for 2nd place, Oscar Belt overhauled Myles Grantham on the line.

At the end of 32 entertaining races, all riders were presented with a certificate and wrist band with medals for the top three riders in each match.

A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 3 results
Match ‘A’
Rhys Rhind 14, Frank White 13, Charlie Burgess 13, Lucy Grantham 13, Aiden Green 13, Ezmi Hough 12, Deon Dickinson 12, John White 11, Tom Beeley 11, Laura Snell 8, Daniel Johnson 8, Jake Booth 8, Gavin Reddington 7, Ben Forshaw 7, Jack Murray 6.
Match ‘B’
Raife Rhind 16, Oscar Belt 14, Myles Grantham 14, Freddie Cox 12, Fraser Brundrett 12, Tom Morrissey 11, Duncan Whalley 11, Dean Reddington 11, Dylan Ingham 10, Sabrina Evans 9, Matthew Livesey 8, Emily Burgess 7, Kyra Hough 7, Matthew Snell 7, Christopher Livesey 6.

Referee – Chas Whalley.