CLUB NEWS: Radford on fire in heatwave

Bury Comets Cycle Speedway youngster Harry Radford was on top form this weekend when taking the U12s Dash Trophies’ individual at Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. Harry, pictured, showed his usual powerful style, winning the title with a maximum score at the Saturday morning event. Well done Harry!

On Sunday, at Goshen, in the first round of the Northern Fours and Grand Prix, Harry’s good form continued as he scored heavily in the U13s Grand Prix contributing to the Bury total across the day’s events.

Harry Radford on top of the podium

A combination of Father’s Day celebrations and national events elsewhere trimmed the number of riders on show, nevertheless there was some competitive action, with the highlight for Bury being a four ride maximum for Division Two captain, Adam Turnbull, in the U16s Grand Prix.

Astley & Tyldesley had a great day, convincingly taking round one, 96 points clear of the home side.

Under 10s
Duncan Whalley (A/T) 16; Tom Morrisay (A/T) 15; Frank White (A/T)14; Fraser Brundrett (A/T) 13; Aiden Green (A/T) 11; Lucy Grantham (A/T) 10; Daniel Johnson (A/T) 9; Kaci Neath (Bu) 6; Rowan Neath (Bu) 5.

Under 13s
Emily Burgess (A/T) 16; Harry Radford (Bu) 14; Keilan Burton (Sh) 12; Charlie Burgess (A/T) 11; Josh Neath (Bu) 11; Jack Murray (A/T) 6.

Under 16s
Adam Turnbull (Bu) 16; Ben Forshaw (A/T) 12; Kai Borman (Hu) 8.

Division Two
Mark Grantham (A/T) 12; Alan Plimley (Bu) 12; Mark Brundrett (A/T) 10; Chas Whalley (A/T) 5.

Team Score
Astley & Tyldesley 160; Bury 64; Sheffield 12; Hull 8.

The Fours’ League opener was a sixteen heat thriller in the heat of the afternoon sunshine, with Bury, A&T and Hull exchanging the lead throughout the match.

On a dry and slightly tricky track, it was A&T’s Team Green who made fewer mistakes than the Comets, to take victory by a just a single point. All the riders in Bury’s five showed flashes of good form, with Adam Turnbull, Danny and Adam Taylor all impressing from the gate and Asim Hussain spirited in making two passes during his races.

Neil Howarth was unbeaten in his two rides coming in from reserve, but in the end it was not to be for Bury on this occasion.

Astley & Tyldesley 50
Kyle Holland 14 (from 4 rides), Emily Burgess 13 (4), Mick Knowles 13 (4), Mark Grantham 11 (4).

Bury 49
Adam Turnbull 15 (4), Danny Taylor 14 (4), Adam Taylor 10 (4), Neil Howarth 8 (2), Asim Hussain 2 (2)

Hull 41
Nathan Everett 13 (4), Josh Bellis 12 (4), Katie Greaves 8 (4), Kai Borman 8 (4).

Stockport 0

This week training is just on Thursday evening, 5pm start, all welcome, at Goshen ahead of a weekend of British Youth and Junior League action and an away match for the Comets, over at Sheffield.