HOME INTERNATIONAL: Mullinder names England vets team

England Veterans’ manager, Steve Mullinder, has selected a strong side to contest the Veterans Home International at Bury this Saturday.

Leicester’s Craig Marchant and Norman Venson, join Swindon’s Steve Harris, Wednesfield’s Mark Griffiths and Bury’s own Neil Howarth, to make up the England team.

The Home International features senior, junior and veteran teams from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and are joined by a Women’s regional pairs event for the first time, this year.


The popular meeting received positive boost today, as Scotland manager Jamie Ball, who has struggled with rider unavailability to track teams for Scotland, announced that a Scotland select team will now compete in all three matches.

The Home International takes place at Goshen Raceway in Bury on Saturday 8 July 2017.