RIP: Chris Duke

Exeter and Horspath riders paid tribute to a former Aces rider at Cofton Road last weekend, when a minute of sustained applause was held in recognition of Chris Duke, who lost his battle with cancer last week.

Since the 1980s, Chris Duke was known throughout the region as a courageous rider who battled with disability to compete in the sport he loved. He was only able to grip the handlebars with one hand (with the other simply resting on the bar) and, although this prevented him gating with opponents, he was quick around the track and gained all his points through passing.

RIP Chris Duke

His lack of control often meant that he suffered some spectacular crashes, but Chris always got back up and got on with things. He faced the challenges of a cycle speedway race in the same way that he faced his challenges in life.

RIP Chris Duke – once an Ace, always an Ace!