CLUB NEWS: Birmingham make successful weekend of racing

Birmingham Monarchs took victory in league action at East Park on Sunday, with all 3 teams winning their division matches, 24 hrs previous having hosted the Eurovets Orchid Masters in awful conditions.

Track conditions on Saturday proved troublesome, with two huge downpours of rain leaving the track unridable, however massive efforts were made by both volunteers and riders to rid the circuit of the standing water on both occasions meaning the meeting could be completed.

Once the heats were completed, the knock out stages began with 3 Monarchs riders making the final stages. The 40s final was won by Leicester’s former world champion Dave Hemsley, whilst Mark Winwood took 3rd.

In the 50s, it was another Leicester winner, with Norman Venson taking the win, whilst Monarchs duo Paul Timms (2nd) and Steve Hodgkinson (3rd) also made the rostrum. Timms also took victory in the 60s final. Chris Callow making a return to the sport however  missed the knock out stages on 9 points.

Eurovets at Birmingham.

The Monarchs victories in East Park came all to easy. The Wolves are seriously lacking top end power but what they lack they gain in youth and enthusiasm and they can only get stronger. Chris Timms, Winwood, Hancox and Hodgkinson took maximums in the 1st division encounter.

In the 2nd division encounter all 7 riders scored double figures with Jake Steel racing to a 5 ride maximum alongside unbeaten scores for Hodgkinson and Widdas. The Juniors also continued their winning ways with a 17 point victory with 3 riders unbeaten.


East Park 61 V Birmingham Monarchs 117 – Chris Timms 19+1(5), Scott Millward 17+3 (5), Ewan Hancox 17+3 (5), Ricki Johnson 16+2 (5), Mark Winwood 15+1 (5), Jake Steel 14 (5),  Steve Hodgkinson 10+2 (3), Paul Timms 9(3).


East Park 24 (51-27 penalty points) V Birmingham Monarchs 56 (95-39 penalty points) – Mark Winwood 17+2 (5), Jake Steel 16+4 (5), Connor Steel 16+1 (5), Ryan Winwood 14+1 (5), Steve Hodgkinson 11+1 (3), Phil Widdas 11+1(3), Bekah Humphries 10 (4).


East Park 31 V Birmingham Monarchs 48 – Connor Steel 16 (4),  Ryan Winwood 15+1 (4),  Bekah Humphries 13+3 (4), Samuel Price 4 (4). oebslppThe monarchs travelled to Stoke on Sunday for a challenge fixture. The home club missing several key riders which meant they were never going to seriously push the visito the on 18+2 (5), Ewan Hancox 17+3 (5), Jake Steel 15+1(4), Nathan Groves 12+2 (4), Steve Hodgkinson 11+1(3), Phil Widdas 10+2 (3), Connor Steel 8 (3),

This weekend the Monarchs travel to Leicester for league action on Sunday at 2pm, whilst on Saturday Mini Monarchs travel to Exeter for round 3 of the National BYJL with Connor Steel hoping to force his way from 4th place into the top 3.

Training continues every Tuesday and Thursday at the track,  6pm under 16’s, 7pm seniors.  Newcomers welcome.

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