MATCH REPORT: Three titles still in reach for A&T

Astley & Tyldesley had another successful day of racing in the North and Scotland League fixture at Cramlington, against the Northumbria Vikings. Team Green recorded convincing wins in all three matches, to keep their title hopes alive in all three divisions.

The first two races were drawn in the Division 1 match, before A&T took a 7-3 in heat 3. The visitors then took control of the match, banging in maximum scores in 12 of the 18 races, to run out convincing 115-65 winners.

Reece Pollitt and Max Evans, along with reserves Ciaran Collins and Emily Burgess, all raced unbeaten by an opponent, with Paul Graham losing only to Jason Keith in heat 8. Keith was easily Northumbria’s best rider, winning three of his six races.

Northumbria 65
Jason Keith 19, Daniel Wharrier 11 (1), Lee Redshaw 10, Shane Gray 8, Terry Kirkup 6, Andy Knowles 6, Keith Oldham 5 (1).

A&T 115
Paul Graham 22 (1), Reece Pollitt 21 (3), Max Evans 17 (3), Kyle Holland 16 (3), Mick Knowles 16 (2), Mark Grantham 12 (2), Ciaran Collins 7 (1), Emily Burgess 4.

It was a similar tale in the Division 2 match, with A&T taking the lead after a shared first race. A&T took maximum points in 12 of the 15 races, to win the match 100-50 on the track, adjusted to 100-43, as A&T loaned the home team a rider to make the numbers up.

Matt Snell, Emily Burgess, Max Evans and Mick Knowles, along with reserve Will Evans, all raced unbeaten. Lee Redshaw was Northumbria’s only race winner in heat 1.

Northumbria 43
Lee Redshaw 11, Andy Knowles 9 (1), Ritchie Smith 9, Shane Gray 7, Keith Oldham 7, * Lucy Grantham * 7.

A&T 100
Matt Snell 20, Emily Burgess 19 (1), Mark Grantham 14 (1), Max Evans 13 (3), Mick Knowles 13 (3), Lee Phillips 11 (4), Will Evans 7 (1), Duncan Whalley 3.

A&T took their 15th consecutive win in Division 3, to clinch the league title for the 5th year running, with a match to spare! 6 years old Aiden Green and Duncan Whalley, fresh from riding the previous day at Exeter, both raced to 16 points maximum scores.

Northumbria 19
Oliver 11, Emily 8.

A&T 51
Aiden Green 16, Duncan Whalley 16, Lucy Grantham 11, Sabrina Evans 8.

Stockport and A&T are still level on points at the top of Division 1, with one match remaining, so a play off is a distinct possibility to determine this year’s league champions.

With Bury beating Fife by a solitary point in Division 2 today, one point separates Bury and A&T at the top of the table. The winner of the final Division 2 match of the season between A&T and Bury on 3rd September will win that division.

A&T will be looking to win the final match of the season at home to Bury, in Division 3, to complete the campaign with a 100% record.