MATCH REPORT: Five out of five for Bury

It was a marathon day of Cycle Speedway action as Bury Comets welcomed both Edinburgh and Fife to Goshen on Sunday.

With the North and Scotland League season now nearing its climax, all three sides were looking to consolidate or move higher in the three divisions. Edinburgh and Bury have suffered from a number of injuries of late and it is testament to the strength in depth of the two sides that they were still able to name teams including reserves for the Division One fixture.

With Mikey Hewitson a late and surprise casualty for the visitors, Bury took the lead early, with three heat wins to start the match, including a great pass from James Elston on Jake Slight in heat one.

The Edinburgh side rallied approaching the interval, under the leadership of Slight and Kamil Greszla but could do little more than score 5-5s. For Comets, Kris Ramsden and James Elston again led the scoring, Ramsden losing just once in heat 13 and Elston scoring very heavily alongside partner Neil Howarth.

The ‘Adam pairing’ of Turnbull and Taylor continued in excellent form, with Bury able to use their reserves late in the match, resting the pair as well as Division Two teammate Louis Turner.  Post match Kris Ramsden lost the crucial toss for gate positions in the match race, Jake Slight duly took over as holder with a gate to line win.

Bury 97
Kris Ramsden 23 (from 6 rides), James Elston 20+1 (6), Adam Turnbull 16+1 (5), Neil Howarth 14+3 (6), Adam Taylor 13+2 (5), Louis Turner 8 (5), Steve Mann 1 (1), Josh Neath 1 (1), Kaci Neath 1 (1).

Edinburgh 82
Jake Slight 22 (6), Kamil Greszla 21 (6), Neil McPherson 16 (6), Lewis Foxley 10+1 (6), Ewan Kennedy 7 (6), Lee Lawrence 6+1 (6).

After a couple of defeats last weekend Bury looked to return to winning ways, and in turn the top of the table, in Division Two.  So it proved, with Bury’s heat leaders all performing well to aid their partners in taking race wins.  Lee Lawrence, Lewis Foxley and Ewan Kennedy were all at the heart of the action for the visitors, only really losing out the afore mentioned heat leaders.

Alan Plimley impressed, coming in for three rides from reserve for the Comets, Phil and Kaci Neath also involved in Division Two action for the second week running.  Josh Neath is developing week by week and Harry Radford was back following holiday and injury, both scoring heavily throughout. In the end it was a convincing win for the Comets 88-62.

Bury 88
Adam Turnbull 16+3 (5), Adam Taylor 13+2 (4), Steve Mann 13+1 (4), Harry Radford 12+1 (4), Josh Neath 11 (4), Alan Plimley 10+1 (3), Louis Turner 10+1 (4), Phil Neath 2+1 (1), Kaci Neath 1 (1).

Edinburgh 62
Lewis Foxley 15+1 (5), Ewan Kennedy 13+1 (5), Lee Lawrence 11 (5), Paul Kelly 9 (5), Skye Mitchell 8 (5), James Foxley 6 (5).

Division Three was straightforward for the Comets, fielding four of the four of the five riders, though James Foxley put up plenty of resistance for Edinburgh.  Josh Neath rode unbeaten for Bury, as Dylan Hall made his Division Three debut.

Bury 39
Josh Neath 16 (4), Kaci Neath 11 (4), Dylan Hall 6 (4), Rowan Neath 6 (4).

Edinburgh 10
James Foxley 10 (4).

Having raced in Sheffield earlier in the day, Fife arrived at Goshen for the rearranged fixture. It looked like being a close one, especially as the visitors ended Bury’s two year unbeaten streak in Dunfermline last weekend.

Both sides were stronger than last Sunday, Adam Taylor and Harry Radford returned for Comets, as Harry Langdale, Lewis Alsop and John Hutton were additions to Fife’s team. The two teams traded punches early on, typically Bury’s three heat leaders taking the wins and Fife consistently covering positions two and three.

The visitors had powerful combinations in the ‘B’ races, with Vas Hill, James Keenlyside and Lewis Alsop teaming up, whereas Bury had the upper hand in the three ‘A’ section encounters as Adam Turnbull, Adam Taylor and Louis Turner came together.

The ebb and flow continued, leaving scores level at interval, Bury used Alan Plimley and mega-vet John Burston from reserve to try and break up the pattern, but it looked as though the match was heading for a draw.

An unfortunate fall for the Fife number three in heat 13 put the Comets one point in front with two heats to go. A 7-3 to each side, as had become the pattern, gave the home side the narrowest of victories.

As has been written elsewhere, Fife have drawn compliments everywhere they have raced this year and have been a superb addition to the league, with 7 wins and 1 draw and 5 losses it has been a very competitive debut, of which all involved should be very proud.

For Comets Adam Turnbull gave a captain’s performance, with some excellent points scoring from Louis Turner and Adam Taylor, but this was a true team performance, with the two additional reserves all full involved and standing by incase of injury.

Bury 75
Adam Turnbull 18+2 (5), Louis Turner 17+1 (5), Adam Taylor 16+1 (5), Harry Radford 8 (4), Steve Mann 7 (3), John Burston 4 (3), Josh Neath 4 (3), Kaci Neath DNR, Phil Neath DNR.

Fife 74
Vas Hill 17+1 (5), Lewis Alsop 15+2 (5), John Hutton 13+1 (5), James Keenlyside 12 (5), Harry Langdale 9 (5), Jake Ferguson 8+2 (5), Andrew Keenlyside DNR.

The second Division Three match of the day was a formality as Bury named all five of the competitors. Rowan Neath rode unbeaten as Bury won 50-0.

Bury 50
Rowan Neath 16 (4), Harry Radford 12 (4), Josh Neath 11 (4), Kaci Neath 7 (4), Dylan Hall 4 (4).

Fife 0

So concluded a very enjoyable, and successful, day of racing for the Comets: five matches, five wins. With the results added to the respective league table, Bury now go into the final round of matches still able to claim third place in Division One, leading Division Two and in second place in Division Three.

This weekend’s racing sees the national Women’s League at Goshen on Sunday, starting at 12 noon. Training continues on Thursday and Saturday, all are welcome.