MATCH REPORT: World Individual Senior Championships reach semi-final stage

Thursday 22nd November saw Findon and Salisbury stage the quarter-finals of the World Senior Individual Championship.

In the opening event at Findon, Joel Chadwick stormed to a faultless scoreline, whilst former World Champion Lukasz Nowacki and talented Australian junior, Jack Norman, amassed 17 points apiece.

The only major casualty was Australian test star Braden Makepeace, whose tally was limited due to a  tape exclusion. A three way run off was required to determine the the final two positions, with Dean Hook and Marcin Kolata leading from start to finish from Steve Harris.

Joel Chadwick 20, Jack Norman 17, Lukasz Nowacki 17, Marcin Jakubiac 16, Brandon Whetton 15, Ewan Hancox 14, Dean Hook 13, Marcin Kolata 13, Steve Harris 13, Braden Makepeace 11, Nash Manoel 10, Neil Hollebon 9, Fraser Garnett 9, Max Evans 8, Adam Bennett 7, Mark Whithead 6

The following round was top scored by Josh Brooke, with a well taken 18 points, followed by the trio of Ben Mould, Zac Payne and Bobby McMillan on 17.

Reigning Champion Bartosz Grabowski made a blistering start to capture two heat wins, but then a subdued second half performance netted him just a similar 8 points from his remaining three rides. Kamil Bielica defeated  Tomas Woldarczyk in a run off for the final spot.

Josh Brooke 18, Ben Mould 17, Zac Payne 17, Bobby McMillan 17, Ross Priest 16, Bartosz Grabowski 16, Adam Boszejewicz 14, Kamil Bielica 13, Tomas Woldarczyk 13, Jakub Kosciecha 12, Will Jeffery 10, Leon Mower 8, Brad Hoppo 7, Ed Morton 6, Angus Freeman 5, Tony Bax 0

Over in Salisbury, Great Britain duo Paul Heard and Myke Grimes cruised to 19 and 18 points respectively, Ashley Hill netted a comfortable 17, while Australian international Daniel Robb took 15.

Pawel Cegielski and Marek Pronobis secured their places in the semi final draw, but Lee Kemp, Ryan Edson and Rob Sellick needed a run off for the final two places, with Sellick missing out. GB test rider Jack Harrold just missed out on the run off by a point.

Paul Heard 19, Myke Grimes 18, Ashley Hill 17, Daniel Robb 15, Marek Pronobis 14, Pawel Cegielski 14, Lee Kemp 13, Ryan Edson 13, Rob Sellick 13, Jack Harrold 12, Przemek Binkowski 10, Paul White 8, Richard Fellgett 8, Ryan Greenhalgh 8, Jay Walters 8, Matt Smith 5

Cody Chadwick mimicked his brother Joel in getting a 20 point maximum in the final round at Salisbury, Dawid Bas was hot on his heels on 19, with Aussie trio Shane Bentley, Ty Geertsen and Shane Weinert just behind. Mateusz Ludwiczak, Chris Timms and Charlie Rumbold were the other qualifiers with another GB test match star, Lewis Osborne, missing out on the top 8.

Cody Chadwick 20, Dawid Bas 19, Shane Bentley 17, Ty Geertsen 16, Shane Weinert 15, Mateusz Ludwiczak 15, Chris Timms 15, Charlie Rumbold 14, Craig Marchant 11, Lewis Osborne 10, Jake Matthews 9, Ben Higham 9, Matt Hill 8, Mark Winwood 7, Matty Snowden 7, Dean Jolly 2

Here are the draws for the semi-finals, taking place this Sunday:

Cover photo by Terry Scriven.