MATCH REPORT: Eurovets Round 1 at Astley & Tyldesley

There was a good turn out of 25 riders for the 1st Round of the Orchid Euro Vets Grand Prix series at Gin Pit on Saturday. The host Astley & Tyldesley club put on a great day’s racing. Huge thanks go to Mick Knowles for providing the rider awards and post match catering, which was well received by all present.

Birmingham’s Mark Winwood and A&T’s Steve Harris topped the scores, with 19 points each, in the Over 40s Qualifying match. Winwood went on to win the Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, ahead of Craig Marchant and Paul Graham, after Harris fell at the first bend. Mark also received a trophy, donated by North West Trophies, for the fastest time of the day. Dave Hemsley won the ‘B’ Final, heading home Rob Geach, Mark Grantham and Jason Keith.

Action from Saturday. Photos by Len Priestly.

Harris also competed in the Over 50s & Over 60s match, to put in a good early season effort of twelve races on the day! He rode to a 20 points maximum in the Qualifying match, before going on to win the Over 50’s Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, ahead of Paddy Wenn, Norman Venson and Paul Timms. The ‘B’ Final was won by Colin Simmons,ahead of Dave Frith, Steve Clark and Terry Kirkup.

The Over 60’s Grand Prix ‘A’ Final was won by Colin Simmons, from Paul Timms, Terry Kirkup and Kevin Greaves. Fred Rothwell won the ‘B’ Final, heading home Chris Ward, Ashie Patterson and Chic Mackie.

Round 2 takes place at Newport on May 12th.


Eurovets Round 1 at Astley & Tyldesley

Over 40’s Qualifying results
Mark Winwood (Birmingham) 19, Steve Harris (A&T) 19, Craig Marchant (Leicester) 18, Paul Graham (A&T) 17, Dave Hemsley (Leicester) 17, Rob Geach (Exeter) 15,
Jason Keith (Northumbria) 14, Mark Grantham (A&T) 13, Mick Knowles (A&T) 12, Jim Collier (Newport) 11, Craig Burt (Wednesfield) 10, Mark Brundrett (A&T) 9.

A Final:1 Mark Winwood,2 Craig Marchant,3 Paul Graham,4 Steve Harris

B Final:1 Dave Hemsley,2 Rob Geach,3 Mark Grantham,4 Jason Keith

Over 50’s & Over 60’s Qualifying results

Steve Harris (A&T) 20, Norman Venson (Leicester) 18, Paddy Wenn (Norwich) 18, Paul Timms (Birmingham) 17, Colin Simmons (Newport) 15, Dave Frith (Leicester) 15, Terry Kirkup (Northumbria) 14, Steve Clark (Newport) 13, Kevin Greaves (Newport) 12, Chris Ward (unattached) 12, Ashie Patterson (Northumbria) 10, Fred Rothwell (Bradford Olympic) 10, Chic Mackie (Glasgow) 8.

Over 50’s A Final:1 Steve Harris,2 Paddy Wenn,3 Norman Venson,4 Paul Timms

Over 50’s B Final:1 Colin Simmons,2 Dave Frith,3 Steve Clark,4 Terry Kirkup

Over 60’s A Final:1 Colin Simmons,2 Paul Timms,3 Terry Kirkup,4 Kevin Greaves

Over 60’s B Final:1 Fred Rothwell,2 Chris Ward,3 Ashie Patterson,4 Chic Mackie