HSBC UK ELITE GP: Riders entering on the day must arrive by deadlines

Riders for round 3 of the HSBC UK Elite GP who are entering on the day must sign in by the following times to make the draw:

Elite Junior Class: 11:30am (latest)

Elite Men Class: 12:30pm

The day kicks off with the elite juniors at 12noon and the elite men at 1:30pm.

Following the elite men is the pilot for the Elite GP Pairs, which sees 8 pairs split in to two groups, they race each pair in their group off the inside and outside grids, with the top two going to the semi finals.

The winning pairs in the semis progress in to the final shoot out, with the highest scoring team in the competition taking the favoured inside grids. If the scores are level a coin toss will decide the grids.

Throughout the competition the scores will be 4, 3, 2, 0, so a winner will emerge from each heat.

The draw is as follows:


Myke Grimes/Ben Higham
Lewis Brinkoff/Leon Mower
Ed Morton/ Niall Morton
Tom Bewick/Chris Jewkes

Sam Hardie/Adam Watson
Josh Brooke/Chris Timms
Paul Heard/Ben Mould
Ashley Hill/Richard Fellgett