AUSTRALIA: South Australian Teams League Commences

The eagerly awaited opening round of the South Australian Teams League was held at Le Fevre last Saturday with well over thirty competitors contesting the fixtures. The teams are drawn from the four clubs and include riders from all age levels. The Bandits inflicted a heavy defeat on the Outlaws by a massive 27 points with Brad Hoppo and Aussie Jones inflicting the major damage plus valuable support from Lucy Millikin and Harrison Corbett. The Outlaws relied in the main on Braylen MacDonald and to a lesser degree Letitia Collins.

Bandits 102.
Harrison Corbett 13+1, Matty Snowden 11+1, Brad Hoppo 16+3, Lucy Millikin 13+1,
Andy Cain 3, Aussie Jones 16+1, Cody Chadwick 11, DJ Thompson 12, Jayden Hastings 7

Outlaws 75.
Adam Haldenby 7+3, Braylen MacDonald 16, Robert Dutton 7+1, Chris Curnow 10,
Letitia Collins 10+3, Nicola Gentle 8, Lockie Pierce 9+1, Justin Hastings 8

The following veterans match was closely contested but impressive scores from Warren
Corbett and Brad Hoppo in addition too four quality rides from former world champion Daniel Pudney gave the Titans a nine point victory. The Toy Soldier squad had to rely on Paul White for three of their four heat wins but although Matt Gentle gave vital support they still surrendered an interval lead to go down by nine points.

Titan 79
Brad Delmenico 10 Beau Hastings 3 Brad Hoppo 15+1, Rob Matthews 7+1, Daniel Pudney 14+1, Simon Harley 6, Warren Corbett 18, Robert Dutton 6

Toy Soldier 70
Paul White 17, Lorrie Mellino 4+1, Sam Rochester 8, Shane Jenkins 7, Robert Flemming 11, David Dissel 8+1 Matt Gentle 15+1

On a final note full credit to Simon Harley for his tireless efforts in the implementation and ongoing administration of the series.