CLUB NEWS: Monarchs start new season with a friendly win

Birmingham Monarchs Cycle Speedway team started the 2019 new season with victory in Hull in a season opener challenge match. Both teams brushed off the early season cobwebs with league racing due to get underway mid March.
Hull were missing their talisman and triple British champion Andy Angell but still put up a spirited fight , even taking a half time lead. The Monarchs also were missing a couple of senior 1st team riders although one youngster impressed immensely.
The Monarchs opened up with a maximum through veteran Paul Timms and new Birmingham signing Paul Heard. With the next few heats pretty even the visitors took 2 advantages in the 5th and 6th to once again pull ahead (27-33], victories in those for Heard and P Timms.
Heat 7 proved a big heat for the home side, a maximum advantage with only one Birmingham finisher put Hull right back into the meeting (34-35]. Birmingham returned the favour in the 8th but the home fightback was more than on, 2 advantages in the 10th and 11th saw them take the lead for the first time (55-54).
Birmingham’s response was swift however in the 2nd half of the meeting with 2 maximums in two of the next 3 heats (Carl Winwood and Chris Timms in the 12th and Mark Winwood and Heard in the 13th) to move ahead 66-73. Hull did take another 6-4 advantage in heat 15 but it was all Monarchs all the way to finish the meeting with a strong finish.
Heat 19 proved a good one for young Billy Winwood, the 15 year old has improved rapidly in the past 12 months as he took his 1st senior heat victory. The victory even sweeter as his team partner followed him home for a maximum advantage.
Mark Winwood raced unbeaten throughout the day whilst Paul Heard took a 6 ride paid maximum in a solid start to the new season.

CHALLENGE FIXTURE – Hull 97 v BIRMINGHAM 112 – Mark Winwood 16(4), Paul Heard 20+4(6), Chris Timms 18+1(5), Carl Winwood 8(4), Ewan Hancox 7+1(4), Ricki Johnson 11(4), Jake Steel 5(5), Billy Winwood 13(5), Paul Timms 13+1(4).

The club have been busy in the early part of the year with relaying the track with some of the new shale whilst also talks continue with Birmingham Council about securing the lease on the land to give us more freedom to secure the facilities as minor damage to the circuit, fencing and surroundings continue on a regular basis. Lighting will be next on the agenda as funding for semi permanent lighting is being sourced.
Fixtures are already released for the season ahead. Birmingham travel to Wednesfield on Sunday March 10th for the first fixture of the season. The first fixture at Perry Hall Playing Fields will be on Sunday 24th March in Gold Cup action although Birmingham won’t be competing in that meeting.
The first team action at the track will be on Sunday 28th April with a Midland League visit from Coventry.​
Birmingham also hold the 4th and final round of the YJL competition where all age range winners will be crowned.
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The victorious Birmingham side at Hull on Sunday.