MATCH REPORT: Frank Knight memorial meeting

Sheffield was bathed in glorious spring sunshine for the second Frank Knight memorial, on a day when he would have been 85. The Cookson track, fresh with 20 tonne of new shale, was in superb condition and provided a great racing spectacle. Stand out performance came from Hull’s Andy Angell, the three time British champion enjoying a return to Cookson (a track he raced for Sheffield in the Elite League). Angell won four of his five races to finish on 19 points, three clear of nearest challengers Pawel Idziorek and Steve Harris. Two races were won from the gate, including his first race which was won in 38.79 that saw him take home the cash prize for the fastest race time. The other three races had him having to do things the hard way as he battled through from last place. Passes on Fraser Garnett and Pawel Idziorek were supremely executed. His one defeat came from Ben Higham in heat 8, after spending four laps getting the better of Hull teammate Nathan Everett by what was no more than a tyres width at the finish line. Astley’s Idziorek and Harris were strong enough to tie for second place, Pawel winning the run off from grid two. Steve though had rolled back the years with some excellent racing. Others to shine were Reece Pollitt, whose two race wins were only just outside Angell’s quickest time, Ben Higham (who could have been on the podium but for running a last place in heat 9 and Wil Bristowe, who finished with race wins in heats 16 and 20.


Photos taken by Clive Wren


Andy Angell (Hull) 19, Pawel Idziorek (A and T) 16, Steve Harris (A and T) 16, Ben Higham (Stockport) 15, Reece Pollitt (A and T) 15, Fraser Garnett (Poole) 14, Cameron Gill (Coventry) 14, Wil Bristowe (Poole) 13, Nathan Everett (Hull) 13, Niall Morton (Edinburgh) 13, Ed Morton (Edinburgh) 12, Tom Bewick (Wednesfield) 11, Adam Watson (Coventry) 9, Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 8, Kris Ramsden (Bury) 7, Laura Watson (Sheffield) 3, Frank Auffret (Hull) 2.

Referee – Kyle Holland

The day also included a meeting for Sheffield past and present and future Stars, each event over three lap races.
The Past and Present meeting saw Chris Turner race to a 20 point maximum, being made to work hard for the win by Luke Morton and an inspired Frank Auffret, who gave Chris a fright in heat 15 as he led the 2012 vets champion from the gate around bends one and two. Turner was consistently the quickest rider, taking home the cash prize for fastest time. Luke Morton took runners up spot, losing just to Turner. Kyle Holland completing the podium with an 18 point score. Kielan Burton battled hard for 17 points from a difficult draw. Jack Brownell showed good form to finish with 15 points, with his Dad Adrian scoring a great 13 points. Jeb Knight, Frank’s son, enjoyed his races, in particular a win over Rob Mawhood, the red half of Sheffield getting the better of the blue half.


Chris Turner 20, Luke Morton 19, Kyle Holland 18, Kielan Burton 17, Frank Auffret (Hull) 15, Jack Brownell 15, Niamh Morton 14, Adrian Brownell 13, Laura Watson 13, Will Banyard 11, Dave Robinson 11, Joe Brownell 8, Oliver Mackenzie 7, Rob Mawhood 7, Chris Bingham 6, Jeb Knight 6, Edward Balfour 1.

Edward Balfour won the battle in the Stars of the Future, finishing on 15, just one ahead of Oliver Mackenzie. Charlie Mawhood was consistent to finish in third. With debutant Oliver Banyard having three close races with Erin Balfour.


Edward Balfour 15, Oliver Mackenzie 14, Charlie Mawhood 10, Oliver Banyard 7, Erin Balfour 4.

Referee for both matches was Niall Morton.

Seen in attendance were several other former Stars riders, notably Pat Cain (team manager), Pete Edley, John Gallagher, Martin Gamble, Ricky Nuttall, Steve Pashley, Steve Perkington, Peter Shale, Richard Simmerson and Phil White.