CLUB NEWS: Birmingham take maiden gold cup win

Birmingham Monarchs Cycle Speedway Club took victory over Leicester on Sunday in the Gold Cup competition. Birmingham didn’t take part in round one as they hosted the first match last week with victories for Wednesfield and Coventry. Coventry won the match up against East Park.
Heat leaders Chris Timms and Paul Heard were both missing for the Monarchs so a big performance was required in their absence. The seniors were level after 3 heats (15-15) whilst the youth side took 2 heat advantages to move 6 points clear (22-28).
Heat 5 for the seniors was costly with a tape exclusion for Mark Winwood that gave Leicester an advantage with Millward in 2nd place (32-37) however the youth side again took both heat advantages to again move further ahead (39-50), Ryan Winwood protecting his young partner
Connor Steel in the 3rd race.
The seniors again took drawn heats in the next 2 races, with Ricki Johnson taking his 3rd straight win whilst the youth side again impressing with with another team riding protection from the Winwood/Steel partnership. The Monarchs now in comfortable control at 58-72.
A tape exclusion for Millward in the 8th senior race was another costly one with Leicester taking full advantage with a 7-2 heat advantage whilst Hancox and Groves could only follow that up with a drawn heat. Leicester closing the gap to 10 (69-79). The youth sides this time swapped maximum
advantages to keep that 10 point advantage. Bekah Humphries protected by the excellent Billy Winwood.
Birmingham seniors finished the last 3 heats strongly with 2 out of 3 heats taken by 6-4 advantages, Ricki Johnson ruined his maximum hopes with a fall in the 10th however Jake Steel was able to take a very welcome win.

GOLD CUP at Ashmore Park, Wednesfield .
Leicester Monarchs 91 v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 105- Ricki Johnson 12(4), Jake Steel 8(4), Scott Millward 11(4), Mark Winwood 5(4), Ewan Hancox 12+1(4), Nathan Groves 9+2(4), Ryan Winwood 11+2(4), Connor Steel 12(4), Billy Winwood 15+1(4), Bekah Humphries 10+1[4].

This weekend is a busy one for the team and juniors. Saturday sees the opening round of the Youth and Junior League (YJL) for all age groups under 18 in Leicester. Action starts at Noon. Birmingham will have there youngsters taking part with Midlands glory on the line. This is the 1st of 4 regional rounds.

On Sunday (7th) the Monarchs take on Leicester again this time on their home track, the action starting at 1pm.
The first team action at the track will be on Sunday 28th April with a Midland League visit from Coventry.
Birmingham also hold the 4th and final round of the YJL competition where all age range winners will be crowned.

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