MATCH REPORT: BYJL North & Scotland Regional Round 4

Report by John Burston

Luckily the day stayed mainly dry and bright for the event making the going reasonably good and exiting for both competitors and spectators alike.
The day started with the u8s and the u10s being run together with 2 heat of the u8s followed by 3 heats of the u10s with some fierce racing in both groups. In the u8s B. Final it was Bobby Dunphy who took the win followed by Aliesha Green. The A final was Frank White winning followed by Oliver Banyard, Freddie Warn, and Levi Edwards.

In the u10s C final it was Sarah Mohammadi taking the win. The B final was a win for Sam Dunphy second Jessica Hammett, third Erin Balfour, and fourth Sahar Mohammadi. The A final was Edward Balfour taking the win, followed by Aiden Green, Imogen McKenzie, and Charle Priest.

After a short break , the draws for the U12s, u14s and ladies took place, with Adam Turnbull being the only u18 entered he rode in the ladies event with points adjusted. All three events were run together with one heat of the U14s, followed by two of the U 12s then one heat of the Ladies/u18s.

Once again all three events proved to be entertaining matches. In the Ladies A final Emily Burgess took the win, followed by Chloe Warn, and Jorja Banyard. Adam Turnbull took the U18s A final win. In the U12s B final Tom Dunphy won ,2nd was Lewis Skitterall. The U12s A final was well contested with Tom Morrissy winning from Fraser Brundrett, followed by Duncan Whalley, and Oliver Mackenzie.

Harry Hulme took a uncontested win in the u14s B final whilst in the A final John White took the win followed by Harry Radford, Ewan Ferreira and Charlie Burgess.

After the four rounds, awards were presented to the winners of the age categories, Frank White, Aiden Green, Tom Morrissey, John White, Kielan Burton and Chloe Warn.

Astley and Tyldesley were the points winners in both the CS Little League, and the BYJL, with Sheffield 2nd, and Bury third, after the four Northern rounds.