CLUB NEWS: Hawks suffer another Division 1 defeat

Hethersett Hawks / Yellow Brick Mortgages suffered another Division 1 defeat against Geeat Blakenham. The senior riders tried to take on the best of the visitors without much success but the promising teenagers did enough to keep the score respectable. There was consolation in the penultimate heat when David Adams and Charlie Lyth scored a 7-3 win.

Hethersett 75 Great Blakenham 103.

C.Lyth 13, D.Longlands 13, P.Delaiche 12, B.Loombe 11, L.Cossey 9, G.Morgan 7, K.Adams 2, M.Loombe 1.

The Hawks gained revenge in the division 2march with restricted rider Adam Peck giving the hawks a 15 point penalty bonus. Rider of the matchGlyn Morgan defeated Peck to cap an excellent team riding display.

Hethersett B (85+15) 100 Great Blakenham B 74

D.longlands 20, P.Delaiche 15, G.Morgan 14, C.Lyth 11, D.Adams 11, B.Loombe 10, M.Loombe 4

Hethersett riders helped re-launch the Spixworth track in midweek with McKenzie Loombe, Charlie Lyth and Leigh Cossey winning their age groups.
Four riders are expected to travel to East Newport on Saturday for a national youth and junior Grand Prix and on Wednesday the hawks are at Eaton Parkfor a Division 2 match.
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