MATCH REPORT: Team Green clinch 3rd successive Division 1 championship

Astley & Tyldesley are the 2019 North & Scotland League Division 1 champions! Team Green won the title for the third successive year with a convincing 102-73 win over local rivals Bury at Goshen on Sunday afternoon.

On a warm, sunny afternoon, the track quickly dried out after pre-match watering. A hectic start to the match saw race exclusions in each of the opening three heats, two of which were re-run. The scores were tight early on, with A&T holding a 25-22 lead after heat 5. Team Green then took control with two 7-3s, one 7-2 and two 6-4 heat wins in the next five races, to move into an unassailable 58-38 lead after heat 10. Four more 7-3 heat wins followed to the visitors, with Bury enjoying a 7-2 heat win in heat 15.

For a solid scoring A&T team, Reece Pollitt lost only to Will Owens in heat 9, whilst Tomek Wlodarczyk lost only to Danny Taylor in heat 3, after the tapes caught his helmet at the start. Pawel Idziorek was unbeaten after a race exclusion in heat 2, when he was adjudged to have been the cause of Adam Turnbull’s fall on the pits bend. Best for Bury were Kaysar Mohammadi and Kris Ramsden, who both won two races each.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result

Bury 73 Astley & Tyldesley 102

Bury: Kaysar Mohammadi 16, Kris Ramsden 14 (1), Will Owens 11, Danny Taylor 11, Adam Turnbull 11, Neil Howarth 10, Eryk Motala dnr, Dawar Mohammadi dnr.

A&T: Reece Pollitt 22, Tomek Wlodarczyk 19 (3), Pawel Idziorek 19 (1), Steve Harris 16 (2), Kyle Holland 8 (1), Paul Graham 7, Mark Grantham 5, Mick Knowles 3, Matt Snell 3, Emily Burgess dnr.

Referee – Stuart Howarth.

League leaders A&T took a comfortable win in the Division 2 match, 72-48. Points were shared in the opening two heats, before A&T took three successive heat wins to move into a 29-21 lead after heat 5. A&T ran away with the second half, winning five of the six races, to seal the match and maintain their strong title challenge. Matt Snell and Mark Grantham both raced unbeaten for A&T. Eryk Motala won two races, as he top scored for Bury.

North & Scotland League Division 2 match result

Bury 48 Astley & Tyldesley 72

Bury: Eryk Motala 19, Dawar Mohammadi 12, Steve Mann 10, Tom Dunphy 6, Sam Dunphy 1, Bobby Dunphy dnr.

A&T: Matt Snell 16, Charlie Burgess 11, Emily Burgess 9 (2), Chloe Warn 8 (2), Tom Morrissey 8 (1), Duncan Whalley 7 (1), Mark Grantham 7 (1), Mick Knowles 6 (1).

Referee – Matthew Turnbull.

A&T extended their lead at the top of the Division 3 table, with an emphatic 121-39 win. In the u-10s match, Aiden Green rode to another maximum score, with Oscar Belt losing only to Aiden in heat 8. Tom Morrissey top scored in the u-13s match, losing only to Charlie Burgess in heat 5.

North & Scotland League Division 3 match result

Bury 39 Astley & Tyldesley 121

Bury: Sam Dunphy 13, Bobby Dunphy 10, Sarah Mohammadi 7, Sahar Mohammadi 5, Tom Dunphy 4.

A&T: Aiden Green 16, Oscar Belt 15, Tom Morrissey 15, Charlie Burgess 14, Stephen Warn 13, Levi Edwards 13, Harriet Belt 12, Duncan Whalley 9, Chloe Warn 8, Aliesha Green 6.

Referee – Matthew Turnbull.