Day 1 of the 2019 British Championships started with the 33/18 Designs Little League Championship for Under 8’s which used the 12 rider formula used in the British Youth & Junior League with C, B & A Finals to follow the 12 qualifying heats. Astley & Tyldesley’s Frank White raced unbeaten in the qualifying heats before going on to win the A Final ahead of Connor Jarret (Norwich), Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) & Riley Sinclair (Leicester), the latter winning a run-off against Frank Spauls (Norwich) for the last place in the A Final

Frank White (A&T) 16, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 14, Connor jarrett (Norwich) 14, Riley Sinclair (Leicester) 12, Frank Spauls (Norwich) 12, Isaac Powling (Kesgrave) 11, Luca El Labany (Hethersett) 11, Tallulah Curtis (Poole) 9, Samuel Ridley (Hellingly) 8, Jacob Jewkes (Wednesfield) 5, Max Pugh (Hethersett) 4

C Final: 1st Samuel Ridley, 2nd Jacob Jewkes, 3rd Max Pugh

B Final: 1st Isaac Powling, 2nd Frank Spauls, 3rd Luca El Labany, 4th Tallulah Curtis

A Final: 1st Frank White, 2nd Connor Jarrett, 3rd Oliver Banyard, 4th Riley Sinclair

Referee: Gary Colby

The 33/18 Designs Little League Under 10 Boys Championship was contested by 20 riders using the 20 rider formula used in the British Youth & Junior League but with E, D, C, B & A Finals at the end. Kesgrave duo Luca Woodhouse & Oliver Edmunds dropped 1 point each in the qualifying heats to qualify for the A Final where they would be joined by Jack Tidball (Exeter) & Oscar Hammond (Kesgrave), the latter 2 finishing ahead of Leicester’s Liam Wells in a run-off for the last 2 A Final spots after all 3 scored 14 points each. It was Woodhouse who took the win in the A Final ahead of Edmunds, Tidball & Hammond

Luca Woodhouse (Kesgrave) 15, Oliver Edmunds (Keagrave) 15, Jack Tidball (Exeter) 14, Oscar Hammond (Kesgrave) 14, Liam Wells (Leicester) 14, Harvey Shumake (Kesgrave) 13, Frank White (A&T) 13, Will Blackmore (Norwich) 12, Connor Jarrett (Norwich) 10, Jude Wilcockson (Coventry) 9, Aiden Green (A&T) 9, Teddy Curtis (Poole) 9, Lynton Titshall (Kesgrave) 9, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 8, Harry Ridley (Hellingly) 8, Emil Gowers (Ipswich) 7, Charlie Spurgeon (Kesgrave) 7, Riley Nation (Poole) 6, Hayden Mitchell (Ipswich) 4, Harvey Johnson-Fanner (Poole) 4

E Final: 1st Charlie Spurgeon, 2nd Riley Nation, 3rd Hayden Mitchell, 4th Harvey Johnson-Fanner

D Final: 1st Lynton Titshall, 2nd harry Ridley, 3rd Emil gowers, 4th Oliver Banyard

C Final: 1st Jude Wilcockson, 2nd Teddy Curtis, 3rd Connor Jarrett, 4th Aiden Green

B Final: 1st Harvey Shumake, 2nd Liam Wells, 3rd Frank White, 4th Will Blackmore

A Final: 1st Luca Woodhouse, 2nd Oliver Edmunds, 3rd Jack Tidball, 4th Oscar Hammond

Referee: Shaun Dyball

The Battleground Airsoft sponsored Under 12 Boys British Championship followed and it needed 2 run-offs to decide the podium placings, one between Kenzie Bennett (Poole) & Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) for 3rd & 4th placings and another one for the championship between JJ Wildman (Exeter) & Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave), both of whom had scored 19 points each. Wildman dropped his only point to Jolly when they met in heat 13 whereas Jolly lost only to Bennett. The 3rd & 4th place run-off was won by Bennett whilst Wildman defeated Jolly in the championship decider

JJ Wildman (Exeter) 19*, Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave) 19, Kenzie Bennett (Poole) 18*, Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) 18, Oliver Saunders (Poole) 16, Shaun Kell (Norwich) 15, Corey Burt (Wednesfield) 13, George Larter Dixon (Hethersett) 13, Lewis Middleton (Coventry) 13, Oliver Johnson (Poole) 11

*-after run-off

Referee: Kevin Wells

The next 2 British titles were raced for in the same match as the Tuckswood gardening sponsored British Under 12 Girls Championship & British Under 14 Girls Championship were combined due to number of entries received. The Under 12’s section saw Lexie Curtis (Poole) score 12 points to succeed her Poole team-mate Daisy Sherwood who defeated Norwich rider Tabby Nierop in a run-off for 2nd, Nierop unfortunately having her chain come off during the run-off. In the Under 14’s section Exeter’s Rosie Tidball added another British title to the Tidball family collection with a maximum score. Birmingham’s Rebekah Humphries took the runner-up spot with 15 points, losing only to Tidball when the top 2 met in heat 8. Kesgrave’s Phoebe Hammond took 3rd place, dropping her only points to the top 2

Rosie Tidball (Exeter) 16, Rebekah Humphries (Birmingham) 15, Phoebe Hammond (Kesgrave) 14, Megan Burt (Wednesfield) 13, Lexie Curtis (Poole) 12 (1st Under 12), Daisy Sherwood (Poole) 10 (2nd Under 12), tabby Nierop (Norwich) 10 (3rd Under 12), Josie kell (Norwich) 10, Ella Case (Kesgrave) 8 (4th Under 12)

Referee: Shaun Dyball

The British under 14 Boys Championship was the final event of the day and, like the British Under 12 Boys Championship, this needed 2 run-offs for the podium placings, one for 3rd & 4th place between Kesgrave’s Noah Woodhouse & A&T’s John White. It was Woodhouse to took the win in the run-off to clinch 3rd place. The championship run-off would be contested by Ipswich’s Harvey Young & Leicester’s Kyle Wells, both of whom had scored 19 points each. Young lost only to White in heat 15 whilst Wells suffered his only dropped point courtesy of Young in heat 12. Young clinched the title by winning the run-off from Wells

Harvey Young (Ipswich) 19*, Kyle Wells (Leicester) 19, Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave) 18*, John White (A&T) 18, Kenzie Bennett (Poole) 15, Harry Radford (Bury) 14, Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) 13, Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave) 12, JJ Wildman (Exeter) 12, Jack Reynolds (Coventry) 12, Charlie Beeton (Kesgrave) 10, Kai Gowers (Ipswich) 9, Charlie Burgess (A&T) 9, Jonathan Middleton (Coventry) 9

Referee: Kevin Wells