MATCH REPORT: Comets claim victory over Tigers

With the scheduled fixture against Wednesfield cancelled, Poole closed their season with a 12-a-side event between teams labelled Comets and Tigers with a 26 heat formula designed to cater for senior riders and juniors from the BYJL squad. This was no end of season ‘jolly’ as riders fought for every point before the Comets edged ahead in the closing stages to win 139 – 120.

Comets 139

Seniors: Greg Gluchowski 15, Matt Mildon 14, Fraser Garnett 12, Steve Nation 5.

Juniors: Jasmine Oddie 19, Naalie Goulden 15, Kenzie Bennett 15, Oli Saunders 13, Anna Tuttle 10, Jamie Randall 10, Sam Fones 7, Riley Nation 4.

Tigers 120

Seniors: Ben Mould 10, Nathan Goulden 9, Wil Bristowe 8, Alan Nation 7.

Juniors: Maddie Saunders 18, Josh Nottle 15, Feroze Langoo 15, Lexie Curtis 12, Jenson Brooks-Hewitt 10, Teddy Curtis 8, Kenzie Lambert 7, Natalia Palka 1.

Photos below taken by Arthur Lawrence