NEWS: Updates from British Cycling

Tarn Fynn has been in touch to issue some updates and reminders to close off some outstanding 2019 items. The reminders are below:

Firstly, a reminder that levy payments for all 2019 fixtures should be sent in as soon as possible after each club’s final fixture. Separate levies are due for each fixture and collection is at the responsibility of the hosting club and named organiser. British Cycling’s finance team will be chasing up unpaid levies in due course.

Secondly, Mike Hack would like to invite clubs to complete the referee feedback form and send in their list of referees to enable the grading analysis for 2020. Clubs are also asked to list all persons interested in becoming a referee for the first time, as courses will be arranged depending on demand. The deadline for returning these items is Friday 15th November.

BC have two volunteer positions available which they would like to invite applications for. Due to other commitments within the sport, Mike Hack has decided to step down from his position as Cycle Speedway Referee Manager following the 2019 analysis. BC would like to thank Mike for his tireless work in this position; Mike will be available to work with the successful candidate to ensure there is a thorough handover.
The position of Tour Director for the 2020 World Championship Tour is also being advertised, working with the team managers already in place to deliver a successful campaign.
Additionally, the position of Scotland Junior Manager is a newly created vacant position, which is being separated from the Scotland Team Manager role held by Niall Morton. Applications should be returned to Tarn by Wednesday 20th November.