INTERNATIONAL: Holland appointed Scotland Junior Team Manager

Kyle Holland (pictured above) has been appointed as Scotland’s Junior Team Manager for the 2020 season. He has issued a statement which is below:

“I have just been appointed the new Scotland Junior Manager For 2020

“I understand last couple of years it has been hard to get a Scotland Junior team up and running but my aim as Scotland Junior manger is that Scotland has a Junior team at every National event next year

“My team will be focused on sportsmanship and teamwork. The team will come with all different skill levels and I work diligently to help them improve.

“If anyone would like to race who is eligible to race for Scotland just message me on Facebook or contact me on email

“There is a lot of work to be done to get a team ready but I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to start the search for the next Scotland Junior Rider”