MATCH REPORT: Comets down Stars & Rockets

Bury Comets were successful in a pre season challenge match at Cookson Park against the Sheffield Stars and Rockets teams.
The three team challenge used the formula which has proved a success in the South and South Wales League. The Comets success owed much to the unbeaten partnership of Harry Radford and Kris Ramsden, who scored 7-3 maximum wins in each of their six races.
Eryk Motala and Danny Taylor each managed a hat trick of wins, with Neil Howarth also gaining a race win.
Kielan Burton and Niamh Morton provided race win doubles for the Stars, who lost Luke Morton to injury in heat 8.
Kyle Holland and Ed Morton bagged a hat trick of race wins for the Rockets, and were closest to beating the Radford/Ramsden pairing.


Sheffield Stars 87

Kielan Burton 18+1, Edward Balfour 2, Luke Morton 3+1, Steven Webber 15+1, Niamh Morton 14+1, Will Banyard 15+1, Oliver Banyard 13+1, Lacey Ackroyd 7+1.

Bury Comets 103

Harry Radford 24, Kris Ramsden 18+6, Eryk Motala 18, Mark Radford 7+1, Danny Taylor 17+2, Neil Howarth 16+2, Tom Dunphy 3.

Sheffield Rockets 77

Kyle Holland 16+1, Oliver Mackenzie 13 Morris Mackenzie 13, Bradley Stansfield 10+1, Ed Morton 18+1, Sam Stansfield 4, Jorja Banyard 3.