MATCH REPORT: Somersham Open

Report by Steve Copping, Photos by Andrew Parr

The track on Somersham Playing Field played host to the Somersham Open with 5 matches staged, 2 Open Semi-Finals, a Veterans event an Open Consolation Final and the Open Final.

The action began with the first of the Open Semi-Finals and saw Birmingham’s Chris Timms top the scores, dropping his only point to his team mate Ricki Johnson. Lewis Brinkhoff, Ben Clarke, Josh Brooke, reigning British Champion Paul Heard (who dropped his only point to Brooke in the races he completed after snapping a crank arm in his 2nd race), Nathan Everett and James Porter also made the final. There was a blank space in the original draw which was filled by Norwich rider Jamie Medler who scored 11 points. Kristian Mitchell was due to replace Richard Felgett but he too had to withdraw after receiving some bad news overnight

Qualifiers for the Final: Chris Timms 19, Lewis Brinkhoff 17, Ricki Johnson 16, Paul Heard 15, Ben Clarke 15, Josh Brooke 15, Nathan Everett 14, James Porter 12

Qualifiers for the Consolation Final: Adam Cooper 11, Jamie Medler 11, Noah Woodhouse 10, Leon Mower 10, Matt Eglen 10, Owen Wells 10, Luke Dunningham 8

Referee: Steve Copping

The 2nd Open Semi-Final saw Ashley Hill top the scorers, dropping his only point to 2015 British Champion Zac Payne. Also qualifying for the final were Adam Peck, Tyler Brinkhoff (who replaced Aaron Smith who had to withdraw), Fraser Garnett, Wil Bristowe, Cameron Gill and Harvey Young

Qualifiers for the Final: Ashley Hill 19, Adam Peck 17, Tyler Brinkhoff 17, Zac Payne 17, Fraser Garnett 16, Wil Bristowe 15, Cameron Gill 14, Harvey Young 14

Qualifiers for the Consolation Final: Will Jeffery 13, Torsten Jolly 11, Lewis Foxley 11, Fraser Harris 9, Matt Parr 7, Harley Hamill 6, Jake Steel 5, Kai Gowers 5

Referee: Kevin Wells

The Veterans Somersham Open followed and was won by 2015 World Veterans Champion Craig Marchant on 18 points. “Stumpz” dropped his only points in his 3rd ride where he finished 3rd behind the eventual runner-up Mark Winwood and Nicky Whitehead in heat 11. 3 riders tied on 15 points so a run-off was needed to decide the final spot on the podium and this was won by Paul Share ahead of Craig Whitehead and Toby Millen. There were 3 changes to the original line-up with Nicky Whitehead replacing Steve Perkins, Grand Veterans World Champion Paddy Wenn replacing Mark Whitehead and former Somersham rider Steve Copping replacing John Evans

Craig Marchant 18, Mark Winwood 16, Paul Share 15, Toby Millen 15, Craig Whitehead 15, Paul Timms 14, Nicky Whitehead 14, Jason Ashford 13, Paddy Wenn 13, Lukasz Kaczmarek 12, Ray Pyke 12, Dave Strong 10, Bill Rhodes 9, Steve Copping 7, Lee Ashman 6, Steve Hammond 0 (withdrew injured after 1st ride)

Referee: Gavin Whitehouse

The Open Consolation Final followed and was won by Horspath Will Jeffery with 19 points, dropping his only point to Mark Winwood (who filled a gap in the programme). Lewis Foxley & Torsten Jolly scored 17 points each, Jolly winning the run-off for 2nd place with Noah woodhouse finishing 4th with 16 points ahead of Winwood who scored 15

Will Jeffery 19, Torsten Jolly 17, Lewis Foxley 17, Noah Woodhouse 16, Mark Winwood 15, Leon Mower 14, Harley Hamill 13, Adam Cooper 13, Jamie Medler 12, Matt Parr 11, Owen Wells 11, Fraser Harris 11, Luke Dunningham 10, Matt Eglen 7, Kai Gowers 6, Jake Steel 4 (withdrew after 3 rides)

Referee: Ray Pyke

The Open Final rounded off the action and after 2 rides each Chris Timms and Josh Brooke were both unbeaten. Both riders would lose their unbeaten runs when they finished 3rd and 4th respectively in heat 12 behind Ricki Johnson and Paul Heard. Going into the last 4 races Johnson led on 15 points ahead of Brooke & Timms on 13 and Heard on 12. This meant Johnson only needed to 2nd in his last ride so clinch victory and he did just that, coming through to finish 2nd behind Nathan Everett in heat 18. Brooke & Timms won heats 17 and 19 respectively which meant they needed a run-off to decide 2nd & 3rd places which was won by Timms. A win for Heard in his last race secured him 4th place

Ricki Johnson 18, Chris Timms 17, Josh Brooke 17, Paul Heard 16, Fraser Garnett 15, Adam Peck 14, Cameron Gill 12, Ashley Hill 12, Wil Bristowe 12, Ben Clarke 11, Zac Payne 11, Lewis Brinkhoff 10, Nathan Everett 10, Tyler Brinkhoff 8, James Porter 7, Harvey Young 7

Referee: Terry Ashford (pictured below having received the Wilkinson Sword)