MATCH REPORT: A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 2

Report by Mike Hack, Photo by Sarah Lawless

Astley & Tyldesley staged Round 2 of the A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix series at Gin Pit on Tuesday evening. With fourteen riders participating, the riders were split into two groups – ‘A’ and ‘B’. The first round of qualifying races consisted of scratch races, with handicapping introduced for the remaining heats, in both groups. The GP Finals were all ridden as scratch races.
9 year old Thomas Smith topped the scores in the ‘B’ group qualifiers, but trailed in last in the GP ‘A’ Final, which was won by impressive newcomer, 10 years old Oscar Skeech, riding in his first ever cycle speedway event. 6 years old Alex Lawless kept up his impressive run, by finishing 2nd in the Final, ahead of his 10 year old cousin, Jasmine Lawless.

A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 2 – ‘B’ Group qualifying scores

Thomas Smith 15, Oscar Skeech 13, Jasmine Lawless 12, Alex Lawless 12, Dylan Field 10, Ted Woods 8, Lillie Field 6.

‘B’ Group GP ‘A’ Final results: Oscar Skeech, Alex Lawless, Jasmine Lawless, Thomas Smith.

‘B’ Group GP ‘B’ Final results: Dylan Field, Ted Woods, Lillie Field.

Charlie Burgess won all his races in the ‘A’ Group, beating runner-up Duncan Whalley in the Final, with Oscar Belt third and comeback rider Levi Edwards fourth..

A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 2 – ‘A’ Group qualifying scores

Charlie Burgess 16, Oscar Belt 14, Duncan Whalley 13, Levi Edwards 11, Dexter Mole 7, Myles Grantham 7, Harriet Belt 6.

‘A’ Group GP ‘A’ Final results: Charlie Burgess, Duncan Whalley, Oscar Belt, Levi Edwards.

‘A’ Group GP ‘B’ Final results: Dexter Mole, Harriet Belt, Myles Grantham.

Referee – Chaz Whalley.

All riders were presented with Go-Ride certificates, medals and mementos. The awards were presented by A&T Coach, Mark Grantham.