DRAWS: British Indoor Championships

The draws are in for the 2021 British Indoor CHampionships which are scheduled to be staged at Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry over the weekend of Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th January 2022. The event will be run under the 2021 British Cycling Technical Regulations. Riders must present a valid Race Silver or Gold British Cycling membership card before they ride. The draw was completed by Competitions Officer Tarn Fynn and witnessed by Kathryn McClelland (Road
Manager), both British Cycling members.

Covid-19 Measures
Under current government regulations, indoor sport with less than 500 attendees can go ahead without requiring the use of a Covid passport. British Cycling will continue to monitor the situation and keep riders updated.

Safety measures that will be in place:

  • All attendees should complete a lateral flow test before attending the event.
  • Riders, spectators and officials should not travel to the venue if they return a positive test or
    have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Spectators are not encouraged to keep attendance to a minimum.
  • Riders must wear a mask inside the venue when not competing.
  • Officials, team managers and spectators must wear a mask at all times inside the venue.
  • Social distancing should be maintained at all times. The pits will be arranged to allow this.
  • Sanitisation stations will be available throughout the venue.
  • Riders are encouraged to be self-sufficient. Food and drink must not be shared.

Times are approximate and subject to change. The organiser will endeavour to make competitors aware of any changes as early as possible.

Saturday 8th January

9:00 – Over 40’s Pre-qualifier
10.00 – Open Team Pre-qualifier 1
11.00 – Open Team Pre-qualifier 2
12.00 – Open Team Pre-qualifier 3
13.00 – Under 16 Pre-qualifier
14.00 – Open Team Semi-final 1
15:00 – Open Team Semi-final 2
16.00 – Under 16 Championship Final
17.00 – Over 40’s Championship Final
18.00 – Open Team Championship Final

Sunday 9th January

9:00 – Junior Championship
10.00 – Under 14 Championship
11.00 – Open Semi-final 1
12.00 – Open Semi-final 2
13.00 – Open Semi-final 3
14.00 – Women’s Championship
15.00 – Open Championship Final


Draws have been completed based on the number of entries received by the deadline. As per British Cycling Technical Regulations, further entries can be accepted on a first come first serve basis to fillany spaces available. Interested riders should email the organiser directly to enquire and arrange payment.

Over 40’s Pre-qualifier

Individual pre-qualifier formula to be used. 16 riders to qualify for the final.

1 Chris Ward (Horspath)
2 Luke Morton (Sheffield)
3 Craig Whitehead (Leicester)
4 Craig Marchant (Leicester)
5 Toby Millen (Great Blakenham)
6 Robert Geach (Exeter)
7 Jason Keith (Edinburgh)
8 Andrew Cumbers
9 Nicky Whitehead (Leicester)
10 Lee Ashman (Wednesfield)
11 Paul Timms (Birmingham)
12 Jason Ashford (Great Blakenham)
13 Paddy Wenn (Norwich)
14 James Collier (Newport)
15 Andrew Yard (Exeter)
16 Gavin Parr (Hull)
17 Stephan Whitehead (Leicester)
18 David Martin (Hethersett)
19 Mark Whitehead (Leicester) 20 John Evans
21 Lee Galley (Newport)
22 Steven Hammond (Kesgrave)
23 Paul Share (Wednesfield)

Open Team Pre-qualifiers

Lowest scoring team in each will not progress to the semi-finals.

Open Team Pre-qualifier 1

1 Sheffield
2 Hethersett
3 Edinburgh
4 Great Blakenham
5 Horspath

Open Team Pre-qualifier 2

1 Wednesfield
2 Coventry
3 Kesgrave
4 Birmingham

Open Team Pre-qualifier 3

1 Leicester CSC
2 Ipswich CSC
3 Poole CSC
4 Exeter Aces CSC

Under 16 Pre-qualifier

Pre-qualifier formula to be used. 16 riders to qualify for the final.

1 Kai Gowers (Ipswich)
2 John Junior Wildman (Exeter)
3 Oliver Saunders (Poole)
4 Owen Geach (Exeter)
5 Thomas Pearson (Leicester)
6 Shannon Tucker (Exeter)
7 Mason Martin (Hethersett)
8 Natalie Goulden (Poole)
9 Charlie Parr (Kesgrave)
10 Joshua Nottle (Poole)
11 Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave)
12 Jack Reynolds (Coventry)
13 Connor Steel (Birmingham)
14 Leon Penketh (Southampton)
15 Daisy Sherwood (Poole)
16 Alex Dickson (Exeter)
17 Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave)

Open Team Semi-final 1 & 2

Five team formula to be drawn on the day. Top two teams from each to qualify for the final.

Under 16 Championship Final

16 rider formula to be drawn on the day.

Over 40’s Championship Final

16 rider formula to be drawn on the day.

Open Team Championship Final

Four team formula to be drawn on the day.

Junior Championship

12 rider formula to be used.

1 Gemma Hill (Ipswich)
2 Lewis Brinkhoff (Ipswich)
4 Kieran Whitehead (Leicester)
6 Ben Clarke (Ipswich)
7 Kai Gowers (Ipswich)
8 Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave)
9 Nathan Goulden (Poole)
10 Alex Dickson (Exeter)
11 Kristian Mitchell (Great Blakenham)
12 Thomas Savage (Coventry)

Under 14 Championship

16 rider formula to be used.

1 John Junior Wildman (Exeter)
2 Charlie Parr (Kesgrave)
3 Finley Myall (Ipswich)
4 Detlan Baker (Ipswich)
5 Lily Parr (Kesgrave)
6 Mason Martin (Hethersett)
7 Mitchel Baker (Ipswich)
8 Charlie Buet-Gannon (Birmingham)
9 Daisy Sherwood (Poole)
10 Natalie Goulden (Poole)
11 Oscar Hammond (Kesgrave)
12 Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave)
13 Charlotte Geach (Exeter)
14 Oliver Saunders (Poole)
15 Leon Penketh (Southampton)
16 Kenzie Bennett (Poole)

Open Semi-finals

Top five from each to qualify for the final. Run off between sixth placed riders to decide 16th qualifier.

Open Semi-final 1

1 Wil Bristowe (Poole)
2 Thomas Savage (Coventry)
3 Niall Morton (Sheffield)
4 James Porter (Ipswich)
6 Ashley Hill (Ipswich)
7 Jake Steel (Birmingham)
8 Craig Marchant (Leicester)
9 Paul Timms (Birmingham)
10 Leon Mower (Great Blakenham)
13 Nathan Groves (Birmingham)
14 Aaron Smith (Poole)
15 Owen Wells (Ipswich)
16 Ricki Johnson (Birmingham)

Open Semi-final 2

1 Lewis Brinkhoff (Ipswich)
2 Zak White (Wolverhampton Wheelers)
3 Luke Harrison (Orwell Velo)
4 Mark Boaler (Horspath)
5 Matthew Hill (Ipswich)
6 Nathan Everett (Hull)
7 Zac Payne (Horspath)
8 Kristian Mitchell (Great Blakenham)
9 Tim French (Leicester)
10 Lee Kemp (Wednesfield)
11 Adam Peck (Great Blakenham)
12 Paddy Wenn (Norwich)

Open Semi-final 3

1 Jake White (Wolverhampton Wheelers)
2 Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
3 Jake Slight (Edinburgh)
4 Craig Whitehead (Leicester)
5 Rachel Lammin (Horspath)
6 Chris Timms (Birmingham)
7 Nathan Goulden (Poole)
8 Fraser Garnett (Poole)
9 Ben Clarke (Ipswich )
10 Ben Mould (Horspath)
11 Mark Carmichael (Horspath)
12 Connor Tucker (Exeter)

Women’s Championship

Nine rider formula to be used.

1 Rachel Lammin (Horspath)
2 Laura Watson (Sheffield)
3 Rebekah Humphries (Birmingham)
4 Natalie Goulden (Poole)
5 Gemma Hill (Ipswich)
6 Shannon Tucker (Exeter)
7 Lucy Whitehead (Leicester)
8 Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
9 Elizabeth Rigley (Leicester)

Open Championship Final

16 rider formula to be drawn on the day