MATCH REPORT: European Championships Day 1 at Sheffield

AS well as the action at Astley & Tyldesley there was also action at Cookson Park, Sheffield on Day 1 of the European Championships. The 2nd Veterans semi-final saw Lukas Nowacki and Mark Winwood jointly top score with 18 points. Joining those 2 in Sunday’s final will be Paddy Wenn, Jack Wleklik, Gavin Wheeler, Tomasz Wlodarczyk, Tomasz Szwajorek and Paul Timms, the latter having won a run-off against Lukas Kaczmarek for the last qualifying spot. Wheeler recovered from a gate exclusion in his first race to seal his place in the final with 4 straight wins

Lukas Nowacki 18, Mark Winwood 18, Paddy Wenn 17, Jacek Wleklik 16, Gavin Wheeler 16, Tomasz Włodarczyk 16, Tomasz Szwajorek 14, Paul Timms 13, Lukasz Kaczmarek 13, Alan Nation 10, Arkadiusz Hojst 9, Steve Hammond 9, Will Banyard 8, Steve Copping 7

Referee: Bob Prince

The reigning Junior European Champion Jakub Kosciecha sailed through the 3rd Open Quarter-Final with a full 20 point score. He will be joined in the semi-finals by Arkadiusz Szymanski, Ben Mould, Kyle Holland, Mateusz Ludwiczak, Ashley Hill, Pawel Idzorek and Jakub Sawinski, the latter having defeated Tomasz Wlodarczyk in a run-off for the last qualifying spot

Jakub Kosciecha 20, Arkadiusz Szymański 19, Ben Mould 17, Kyle Holland 16, Mateusz Ludwiczak 15, Paweł Idzorek 14, Ashley Hill 14, Jakub Sawinski 13, Tomasz Włodarczyk 13, Kaysar Mohammadi 12, Igor Orlowski 11, Jakub Ignys 10, Filip Kowalski 7, Luke Cunningham 7, Fryderyka Wojciechowski 6, Eryk Motala 5

Referee: Mark Winwood

Quarter-final 4 saw Nowacki finish joint top scorer again, this time with Chris Timms. These 2 will be joined in the semi-finals by Paul Heard, Mike Baldock, Ed Morton, Mikolaj Menz, Damian natonski and Jack Wleklik

Lukas Nowacki 18, Chris Timms 18, Paul Heard 16, Mike Baldock 16, Ed Morton 15, Nikolaj Menz 15, Damian Natonski 14, Jacek Wleklik 13, Leon Penketh 12, Kielen Burton 12, Boris Wojciechowski 12, Kosma Serkowski 10, James Porter 9, Tomasz Szwajorek 8, Bartosz Fryckowski 6, Jake Steel 5

Referee: Bob Prince

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