• RESULTS: Men’s World Under 21 and Senior Final qualifiers decided

    Two more sets of World Final qualifiers were confirmed on Tuesday at Le Fevre in the Men’s Under 21 and Senior categories The Under 21’s faced a pre-qualifier and Braylan […]

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  • RESULTS: Under 16 Boys Pre-Qualifier and Over 40’s Semi-Finals

    The line-ups for 2 further World Finals were decided yesterday at Findon as the Under 16 Boys Pre-Qualifying round and the Over 40’s semi-finals were staged The Under 16 Boys […]

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  • RESULTS: World Championships Day 9

    Day 9 of the World Championships saw the action take place at Le Fevre where the 2nd Junior & Senior Test matches between Great Britain and Australia took place either […]

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  • CLUB NEWS: Hull stage presentation night

    Words by Andy Schofield, Photo by Diane Bellis The Hull Cycle Speedway Club recently held their social and presentation night at The Hessle Rugby Club next to the track. The […]

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  • RESULTS: Senior World Individual Championship Quarter Finals

    It was Quarter Finals night for the Senior World Individual Championships with 2 matches each staged at Salisbury & Findon. The top 8 scorers from each match qualified for the […]

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  • RESULTS: Results from a busy night in Australia

    There was action at both Salisbury and Findon in the World Championships with the 2 World Junior Individual Semi-Finals and an Over 40’s World Individual Qualifier at Salisbury whilst Findon […]

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  • DRAWS: World Individual Championships

    The draws have been made for several of the various World Individual Championships and all the information can be found here: /https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fdrive%2Ffolders%2F1sKAJ-yaZgudId4tnh1CB69f3hg2ERGaE%3Fusp%3Ddrive_link%26fbclid%3DIwAR3nO-CeKcPQAOz_x5ZVrUCqufCVz2KdqPtm-kk8d3K_6ef6_bZYiS_0O08&h=AT1yurX8sqfnV1QIqncZRniFMzKm4eLwdyJGmji7CFrUNZuKI33EWo4jQH3R2vl486Dx9Zw9aj7NAWqmmwg9hY61PqHMJXDk9NkEdDsnTHU5yVNqpLg-_zsyhmMvvwGnGghoMrc There will be a change to the line-up […]

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  • RESULTS: Wednesday’s action at Le Fevre

    Le Fevre staged their first action of the World Championships on Wednesday where 2 pre-qualifiers were staged, for the Senior World Championship to determine the last 16 riders for their […]

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  • RESULTS: Tuesday’s results from Salisbury

    Salisbury staged their first action of the 2023 World Championships on Tuesday with the 2nd Over 40’s teat match between Great Britain & Australia which was won by Australia who […]

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  • OBITUARY: George Commins

    33/18 News has learnt of the passing of George Commins. George’s son Mark posted the following on the Exeter Aces Facebook page: “Just passing on the really sad news that […]

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  • RESULTS: Monday’s action at Findon

    The World Championships returned to Findon on Monday with 2 Test matches, one between Australia & Great Britain for Juniors and one between Poland & Great Britain for Seniors. Full […]

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  • DRAWS: World Cups

    The draws for team riding positions in the World Cups, which will be staged at Le Fevre on Saturday 25th November, were conducted at Murray Bridge today witnessed by representatives […]

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  • RESULTS: Australia v Great Britain Test Matches

    The World Championship action moved to Murray Bridge today where 3 teat matches were staged between Australia & Great Britain at Women’s, Over 40’s and Senior grades with Australia emerging […]

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  • DRAWS: 2023 Federation Cup

    The 2023 Federation Cups open the World Championships in the early hours of Saturday morning UK time. The draws were made for the team positions in the programmes earlier today […]

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  • 2023 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Online scoring folder

    With the World Championships less than 24 hours away a Google online scoring folder has been set up and can be found at the link below: /https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fdrive%2Ffolders%2F1sKAJ-yaZgudId4tnh1CB69f3hg2ERGaE%3Fusp%3Ddrive_link%26fbclid%3DIwAR3nO-CeKcPQAOz_x5ZVrUCqufCVz2KdqPtm-kk8d3K_6ef6_bZYiS_0O08&h=AT1yurX8sqfnV1QIqncZRniFMzKm4eLwdyJGmji7CFrUNZuKI33EWo4jQH3R2vl486Dx9Zw9aj7NAWqmmwg9hY61PqHMJXDk9NkEdDsnTHU5yVNqpLg-_zsyhmMvvwGnGghoMrc All links and […]

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  • WEEKEND PREVIEW: 2023 World Championships

    After a 4 year hiatus the ICSF World Cycle Speedway Championships get under way this weekend. There is a Welcome Night which takes place at Findon on Friday evening at […]

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  • MATCH REPORT: Sheffield Club Individual

    Report by Rob Mawhood Sheffield’s final fixture for the 2023 season was the combined Club Individual/Go Ride round 10. Twenty one riders lined up in the Autumn sunshine (the best […]

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  • NEWS: 2024 Venue and Event allocations

    Adam Newall has been in touch with the following calendar of events for 2024: National Events British Indoor Championships: Coventry – 13/14 January Home Internationals/Women’s Pairs: Leicester – 1 June […]

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  • CLUB NEWS: Coventry host taster session

    Coventry Cycle Speedway recently hosted a children’s learn to ride and family taster session in partnership with British Cycling’s community coach. Children as young as 4 ditched their stabilisers to […]

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  • OBITUARY: Gordon Moorcroft

    33/18 News has learnt that Gordon Moorcroft, Team Manager of the Tameside Junior team in the mid 1990’s, passed away on Wednesday 18th October. Gordon’s son Chris posted the following […]

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DRAWS: World Individual Championships

The draws have been made for several of the various World Individual Championships and all the information can be found here: /https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fdrive%2Ffolders%2F1sKAJ-yaZgudId4tnh1CB69f3hg2ERGaE%3Fusp%3Ddrive_link%26fbclid%3DIwAR3nO-CeKcPQAOz_x5ZVrUCqufCVz2KdqPtm-kk8d3K_6ef6_bZYiS_0O08&h=AT1yurX8sqfnV1QIqncZRniFMzKm4eLwdyJGmji7CFrUNZuKI33EWo4jQH3R2vl486Dx9Zw9aj7NAWqmmwg9hY61PqHMJXDk9NkEdDsnTHU5yVNqpLg-_zsyhmMvvwGnGghoMrc There will be […]



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