MATCH REPORT: Rockets win at Glasgow

Sheffield came to Glasgow for a division two & three fixture ahead of their league meeting at Edinburgh later on in the day. Despite the 87 to 61 victory for the away side, the racing was exciting throughout, as Niall Morton was unbeaten, Luke Morton & Ed Morton lost only to Andy McDougall, while Ellie Sullivan impressed on her first Northern League appearance of the season.

For Glasgow, Andy McDougall dropped points only to Niall & Luke Morton, and Sean Webster & Joe Beuckmann were always in the thick of the action. However, the most entertaining races of the day were between Sheffield’s youngsters Sam Haines & Niamh Morton and Glasgow’s Colin Gray, Ian Fraser & Shane Lawton.

Glasgow 61
Colin Gray 7+2 (5), Andy McDougall 18 (5), Joe Beuckmann 10 (5), Shane Lawton 6+1 (4), Sean Webster 13 (5), Dougie Webster 4 (4), Ian Fraser 3 (2)

Sheffield 87
Niall Morton 19+1 (5), Sam Haines 10+1 (5), Ellie Sullivan 17 (5), Ed Morton 13+3 (5), Niamh Morton 10 (5), Luke Morton 18+1 (5) Referee:

Chic Mackie (Glasgow)

Sheffield win Northern Division Three match.