NEWS: End of season challenge – Battle of Britain!

Lee Aris of Wednesfield is organising an end of the season challenge meeting, which we’re dubbing “Battle of Britain!” It’s taking place at Ashmore Park, Wednesfield on Saturday 1st November 2014. The meeting sees all four regions going head to head for supremacy, with an after match party at a Wolverhampton hotel bar. The line up looks especially good, here’s all the details.

The formula for the meeting will be as follows:

Semi Finals

North v Midlands (12 noon)
East Select v South (1:30pm)

Minor Final (3:30pm)

Grand Final (5pm)

There are some very strong teams and it won’t be one to miss! All riders (except for the South East) are chosen by location, not club.

Bobby McMillan, Pawel Idziorek, Ben Scranage, Chris Parish, Damian Zareba, Jack Lush, Mat Lush, Jake Read.

Lee Aris, Chris Jewkes, Chris Timms, Matt Smith, Paul Heard, Myke Grimes, Ricki Johnson, Brandon Whetton.

East Select
Charlie Rumbold, Matt Hill, Ashley Hill, Olly Buxton, Craig Marchant, Mark Winwood +2.

South and South Wales
Lukas Nowacki, Mark Boaler, Ben Mould, Gavin Wheeler, Greg Gluchowski, Steve Harris, Zac Payne, Neil Hollebon.

It’s sure to be a high quality meeting, with most of the best riders in the country present. Afterwards everyone is invited to the┬áBritannia hotel bar at 8pm for an end of season party. A superb way to end the season! Let battle commence…