NEWS: Traffic and parking warning for Sheffield BYJL round

The Sheffield Club need to warn any riders preparing to travel to Cookson Park for the 1st round of the BYJL this Saturday (11th April 2015) that there maybe parking and travelling issues.

The Cookson track is within 1 mile of Hillsborough stadium and Sheffield Wednesday FC have a home fixture on the same day. For those in the early heats (ie under 8’s/10’s), which are due to commence at 1pm should not have no problem.

However, anyone arriving after 2pm will find great difficulty in parking near the track and will also have to contend with the extra traffic in the surrounding area. Sheffield would advise anyone racing in the competition to arrive no later than 1pm.

There will also be a severe issue with traffic congestion from 5pm – 5.45pm as the fans depart the ground. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the racing.