EUROVETS: Riders in silent tribute to John Whiting

Six months after John Whiting`s untimely passing, Cycle Speedway riders from throughout Great Britain stood in sombre silence last Saturday week to remember one of the sport’s greatest ever servants.

The Eurovets riders were in Bury – John`s last club – for this season’s final round. Many of the Eurovets riders were firm friends of John`s. Some, like Wednesfield`s legend Mick Aris, a lifelong friend. All the riders held John in the highest esteem and many of them shared great racing experiences with John in the Eurovets and, previously, over many decades.


John Whiting

Before the presentations to this year’s Eurovets series, the Bury track fell silence. Trees flickered in the autumn breeze, birds made their way across the blue sky and John looked down. Riders respectfully assembled by the start line. The riders linked arms to remember one of Cycle Speedways true greats.

Phil Hemming, attired in a tee shirt showing John`s smiling face, was among the throng. The scene was complete when John Burston, who had known John for 50 years, emerged from the Bury clubhouse, tenderly clutching a photo of John, which he held aloft, before heads bowed and John was remembered in silence thought.