CLUB NEWS: Hawks celebrate half-century

On Tuesday 19th April 1966, Hethersett Hawks entertained Norwich Icenians in the first-ever competitive match at the new cycle speedway track on the Memorial Playing Field. On the same date fifty years later 20 current members aged from 6 to 62 rolled up for their regular Tuesday Club Night in glorious but chilly sunshine to find the night going with a fizz.

In addition to the normal mix of graded races, time trials, a manic 9-a-side relay race, handicap races and the popular 30-lap eliminator race, they, plus committee members and supporters, were treated to some champagne/soft drinks and cakes to celebrate this very special anniversary for the village club, started by a group of teenagers all those years ago.

Hethersett Hawks

This celebration was just the first of a series of events during the year to mark the anniversary. Next week, five riders and two Club officials are off to Poland to contest the European Club Championships, taking the Hawks team abroad for the first time. They are one of only four British Clubs making the trip.

The club will be having a day of special events on Saturday May 21st at the track. The Hawks hope to welcome along as many ex-riders as can make it to share their memories and maybe show their old skills on the track before a social evening at Hethersett Social Club.

Then on Sunday 26th June, club members will parade through the village streets at the head of the annual Run-the-Square fun run, which will be followed in the afternoon with the staging of the Norfolk Championships at the track.

Later this year a book will be published cataloguing the history of the Club.

Photo (by Peter Steward) shows members and supporters gathered for the Club Night.