RESULTS: Who beat who in Elite League Round 4?

Both Elite League matches beat the weather this afternoon and it was the old guard of Wednesfield and Horspath who came out on top.

Wednesfield now sit on top of the league in points difference.

Coventry 89 – 107 Horspath

Wednesfield 105 – 90 Poole

Women’s League

Midlands 72 v Eastern 48
Northern 48 v South & South Wales 70

Grand Prix

A final – 1st Vicky Brown 2nd Lauren Hookway 3rd Lucy Whitehead 4th Laura Watson
B final – 1st Charlie Jane Herbert 2nd Michelle Whitehead 3rd Macie Schmidt 4th Krissy Mines
C final – 1st Lizzie Rigley, 2nd Chloe Whitehead

A final – 1st Niamh Morton 2nd Maddie Saunders 3rd Alice Neighbour 4th Gemma Hill
B final – 1st Sophie Middleton 2nd Jenna Whitehead 3rd Sophia Sinclair-Black 4th Georgia Burt
C final – 1st Bethany Briggs 2nd Cheryl Mawhood 3rd Honey Whitehead 4th Nat Timms
D Final – 1st Skye Mitchell, 2nd Amanda Rigley 3rd Alice Unwin.