MATCH REPORT: Morton shines for Stars against battling Glasgow

It took six heats for Sheffield to break the 5-5 deadlock in this closely fought encounter thanks to a Watson/Haines 7-3, and as hard as Glasgow fought they never looked capable of taking the heat advantages required.

The match started with a win for the impressive Ed Morton, passing andy MacDougal on the line, the first of several interesting races.

Particular mention should go to Chic Mackie, who made a classic first bend move in the ninth heat to claim the lead, Chic held on until the final lap when his legs eventually gave up the ghost, his efforts gaining him a standing ovation from the pits.

British U16 silver medallist Ed Morton and Carl Jarvis had three good races, including the very last heat. The pair got into a tangle which allowed Colin Gray and young Sam Haines, who would go onto win the race, into the mix, whilst the three of them got sorted out Sam was off into the distance with Jarvis in hot pursuit.

Gray was doing all he could to hold off Morton but then used a little too much of the track (and shoulder!) and was promptly excluded for forcing Morton off the track. A great race to end a hotly contested match.

Sheffield’s star was undoubtedly Ed Morton, who showed lots of speed and all of his team mates chipped in with vital points. The visitors were well served by MacDougall and Jarvis but the backup was inconsistent, Brandon Kay got into double figures but the Scots had a long tail today.

Sheffield 79
Ed Morton 15+1, Jack Brownhall 5+2, sam Haines 14, Laura Watson 14+2, Niamh Morton 7+2, Vicky Brown 10, Luke Morton 12+2, Kielan Burton 2+1

Glasgow 68
Colin Gray 6+1, Andy MacDougall 18, Joe Beuckmann 9+1, Brandon Kay 12, Carl Jarvis 19, Chic Mackie 3, Lachlan MacDougall 2