CLUB NEWS: Watson Sheffield Club champ

Adam Watson claimed the major honours by winning the prestigious under 19 and Open titles in the Sheffield club championships last week.

Adam’s double win equalling the exploits of Kyle Holland (2015) and Pawel Idziorek (2013-14). Early morning heavy rain cleared by lunchtime, replaced by  afternoon sunshine to provide perfect racing conditions.

Seventeen riders took to the track, split into two qualifying groups. No one rider dominated the Open section, with Adam Watson, Niall Morton, Ed Morton and Kyle Holland all taking points of each other.

Niamh Morton and Laura Watson were both impressing with their starts and passing. Sam Haines continually made great passing moves, and was unfortunate to shed a chain when leading in his third race.

Youngsters Kielan Burton, Jack Brownell and Logan Perkins all stepped up to senior racing and gave accomplished performances. Logan executed a great outside pass over Rob Mawhood in heat 7.

Adam Watson 15, Ed Morton 14, Niall Morton 14, Kyle Holland 13, Luke Morton 11, Niamh Morton 11, Laura Watson 10, Sam Haines 9, Kielan Burton 6, Rob Mawhood 6, Logan Perkins 6, Jack Brownell 5.

Lewis Bemrose was most impressive in winning the rookie group, completing a four ride 16 point maximum with a series of super starts.

Ciaden Gittens won one race, finding himself pressurised by Alice Unwin and George Martin in each race. Youngest rider was Jacob Bloomer, who isn’t five until next month, but he put in the best series of races since he started back in July.

Lewis Bemrose 16, Ciaden Gittens 13, Alice Unwin 10, George Martin 7, Jacob Bloomer 4.

Qualifying scores determined your grid position for the grand finals. With top scorers going from grid one it was a procession of tapes to flag wins in each category, with Luke Morton, George Martin and Niamh Morton successfully defending the titles they won in 2015.

The under 13’s final had a great battle between Kielan Burton, Jack Brownell and Logan Perkins. Kielan winning out, though there was never more than a metre or two between all three riders for the four laps.

Best race of the day came in the clubman final. Sam Haines having to work hard to pass Laura Watson (outside) and then Luke Morton (inside) to take the chequered flag first.

Grand finals

Open – 1st Adam Watson, 2nd Niall Morton, 3rd Kyle Holland, 4th Ed Morton
Under 19 – 1st Adam Watson, 2nd Niall Morton, 3rd Kyle Holland, 4th Ed Morton
Womens – 1st Niamh Morton, 2nd Laura Watson, 3rd Alice Unwin
Under 6 – 1st George Martin, 2nd Jacob Bloomer
Under 8 – 1st Lewis Bemrose, 2nd Ciaden Gittens, 3rd George Martin, 4th Jacob Bloomer
Under 10 – 1st Logan Perkins, 2nd Lewis Bemrose, 3rd Ciaden Gittens, 4th George Martin
Under 13 – 1st Kielan Burton, 2nd Jack Brownell, 3rd Logan Perkins, 4th Lewis Bemrose
Under 16 – 1st Ed Morton, 2nd Sam Haines, 3rd Niamh Morton, 4th Kielan Burton
Vets – 1st Luke Morton, 2nd Rob Mawhood
Clubman – 1st Sam Haines, 2nd Luke Morton, 3rd Laura Watson, 4th Jack Brownell.

Cover photo of Adam Watson by Linda Kirkland