2016 INDOOR: Coventry release statement

Coventry Cycle Speedway club have released a statement regarding this year’s British Indoor Cycle Speedway Championships.

The Coventry club tendered for these championships in April 2016 upon the basis of the ones held in January 2015 and January 2016. This involved the Midland League (in 2015) and the Coventry club (in 2016) taking all the entrance money, paying all costs and taking what, in effect, was a commercial risk in attracting enough entries and sponsorship to cover costs.
These events were viewed with approval by everyone concerned, including Commission Chair Colin Docker, who was kind enough to attend the January 2016 event. A small profit was made, generated by all the sponsorship attracted.
We were not aware of any change in these arrangements for this year until, completely out of the blue, Paul West emailed us on Thursday 13th October 2016, completely changing the arrangement. Astonishingly, West later changed the agreement again, this time adding the poll tax (at £1.50 per rider, per day) to the amounts we were liable for.
These costs would have meant a minimum £1,000 loss for the Coventry club. Whilst we are happy to carry out what is a huge logistical operation to host the championships for the sports enjoyment, we are not prepared to lose £1,000 plus. We are not prepared to do all the work – and then pay British Cycling yet another £1,000 plus.
In the interests of transparency and accuracy, we draw your attention to the official minutes of the British Cycling Cycle Speedway Commission, held at The Crown Hotel, Brackley, Northamptonshire on 10th January 2015.
This meeting approved the various KPIs (key performance indicators), including as follows:
1.     Clubs/Regions to register all events using the BC online entry system – including all major events
(Clubs will receive all entry fees for British Champs – via EMS).

The meeting determined this to be in place and effective by February 2016.

One can see these minutes at any time on the British Cycling website.

Several different Coventry members have asked Paul West to adhere to agreements. These have been rebuffed. Subsequently, the Committee of the club (by a unanimous decision) have officially withdrawn our interest in promoting the British Indoor Finals under British Cycling this winter. We cannot be exposed to a loss of £1,000 plus.
As is widely known, there is currently a high-profile report, undertaken by UK Sport, into the `bullying` culture at British Cycling. This is chaired by Annmarie Phelps, OBE.
In order to protect the Coventry club’s interests in the future, and avoid any recriminations against the club by Paul West or British Cycling arising out of this matter, a copy of this Club Statement has today been sent to Liz Nicholl at UK Sport and to Ms Tracey Crouch, MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Culture and Tourism, at HM Government.
In the meantime, the Coventry club will be promoting the UK Open Indoor Cycle Speedway finals at the Sports Connexion, on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th January 2017. The Event Manager shall be Mr Lee Marsh, a most widely respected official. These will be affordable, friendly and accessible to all. It will be open to Australian and Polish riders and will include additional finals. All clubs will receive entry forms in 72 hours. 

All entries shall be direct to the Coventry club. Please note you cannot enter for this event on the British Cycling website.

The timetable of the events for the UK Open Indoor finals shall be issued very shortly.
The Speedway style airfence will be used, sponsorship has both been secured and sought and hotel arrangements will be released soon.
The deadline for entries for the UK Open Indoor finals will be on 31st December 2016. All entries should be made to Pauline Stuart, Secretary, Coventry Cycle Speedway club.

The official draws for the UK Open Indoor finals shall be made on 2nd January 2017 with members of three separate clubs present. 
Issued by:
Club Committee
Coventry Cycle Speedway Club
26th October 2016