MATCH REPORT: Another triple win for Bury

Bury Comets Cycle Speedway team followed up last weekend’s opening day success with another triple win, this time at home to Hull.

The weather was again excellent, as Comets fielded a strong side, this time using nine riders in the Division One setup.

Hull had six, plus Katie Greaves at reserve who didn’t actually get into the action until Division Two. Clearly, Hull’s triple British Champion Andy Angell was going to pose a tough challenge, and paired with the always improving and growing Josh Bellis, proved Hull’s best double act. Angell scored a paid maximum, despite an encounter with the first bend shale, which resulted in a rerun.

For Bury, Kris Ramsden was again in good form, with an outstanding chasing down of an extra point in heat 9, typical of his performance. Will Owens, Kaysar Mohammadi again impressed and Eryk Motala raced unbeaten for a second successive week.

Bury 101
Kris Ramsden 16+3 (from 5 rides), Will Owens 16+2 (5), Kaysar Mohammadi 16 (5), Adam Turnbull 13 (5), Neil Howarth 12+1 (5), James Elston 11+2 (5), Eryk Motala 8 (2), Asim Hussain 5 (2), Louis Turner 4+1 (2).

Hull 78
Andy Angell 21+3 (6), Josh Bellis 16, Nathan Everett 12, David Cooper 11+1(6), David Lister 11, Jack Lister 11, Katie Greaves DNR.

Division Two saw Hull concede 20 penalty points for fielding ineligble David Cooper, which made for some competitive action throughout.

Bury used the Mohammadi brothers carefully from reserve to take full advantage of their strength in depth, against Hull’s valiant five riders.

For the visitors, Josh Bellis really impressed with a great display of speed, losing just once after a great pass from Bury captain Adam Turnbull in heat 2.

For the Comets Asim Hussain and Turnbull rode unbeaten, with young Dawar Mohammadi scoring two wins from his three rides. One of the highlights of the match was in heat 14, when super vet Steve Mann produced a vintage last bend double pass to take the four points.

Bury 98 (including 20 penalty points)
Adam Turnbull 14+2 (4), Harry Radford 12+1 (4), Steve Mann 11 (4), Dawar Mohammadi 10+1(3), Eryk Motala 9+1 (3), Asim Hussain 8 (2), Josh Neath 8 (5), Kaysar Mohammadi 6+2 (3).

Hull 59
Josh Bellis 19 (5), Jack Lister 15+2 (5), David Lister 11+1 (5), Katie Greaves 9 (5), David Cooper 5 (5).

Divison Three featured six Bury riders who put on a good show in the Grand Prix format competition. Harry Radford rounded off a successful day, riding to an unbeaten 16 points, with Josh Neath and Dawar Mohammadi again impressive and growing in skills and confidence all the time.

Bury 76
Harry Radford 16, Dawar Mohammadi 14, Josh Neath 14, Thom Deakin 10, Jordan Mawdsley 8, Kaci Neath 8, Hermoine Whalley 6 (4 rides each).

Hull 0

This week, training continues on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. All are welcome. This Sunday Bury take on Stockport down at Webb Lane, Offerton, in a top of the table clash, with both sides currently unbeaten in Divisions One and Two. Tapes up at 2pm.