CLUB NEWS: Monarchs suffer break in – bikes stolen

Birmingham Monarchs club officials and volunteers arrived at the Perry Bar track on Sunday to find one of the Portakabins broken in to, which stores bikes with 7 riders bikes stolen and vandalism to a new decking area.

Neighbours of the surrounding area reported banging and hammering late Friday night, with police attending reporting that the Portakabin was locked and secure. Neighbours also reported to the club that at 6pm Saturday night the locks were still in place.

Track officials arrived Sunday morning to find the hinge smashed off and only top standard senior and junior bikes being taken. The track is situated in Perry Hall Playing Fields.

Club chairman, Phil Widdas, spoke on behalf of all club members by adding: “It’s mindless vandalism. The bikes are no good for anyone else. They have no brakes or gears and specialised frames and equipment. What good will they be to anyone else?”

He went on to add: “We are a small community based sport with a lot of kids as well that have had their bikes stolen. Parents as well as the senior riders don’t have £500 knocking around to go buy a new one just like that. It just rips the heart out of what we are trying to achieve within our community.

“So we urge anyone everyone to keep their eyes peeled in case they are abandoned or tried to be sold one.  Please call 101 as we have a crime reference number logged.”

It’s terrible news for the Monarchs who are working so hard in all areas. Hopefully the bikes can somehow be recovered.