MATCH REPORT: The revolution rolls on in Fife

In their second home match of the season, Fife took on Sheffield in front of a healthy crowd of approximately 60 spectators.

You couldn’t tell that Fife hadn’t ridden for 3 weeks, with 11 of the 15 races won by a Fife rider and taking 5 7-3s in the meeting, for what was a comfortable win in the end, 82-67.

Heat 3 and 4 were the stand outs, with Fife riders coming from the back to take the maximum heat advantages.

Once in the lead, Fife never surrendered it, but were only 4 points up at the half way stage. Efforts from experienced Division 2 riders, Luke Morton, Sam Haines and Niamh Morton kept the score close.

In the second half, Fife pulled away thanks to heat advantages from James Keenlyside, Jamie Penny, Vas Hill and Craig Hardie.

Craig Hardie 19, Jake Ferguson 4+1, Vas Hill 16+2, James Keenlyside 13+2, Lewis Alsop 5, John Hutton 11, Harry Langdale 4+1, Jamie Penny 11+1

Sam Haines 12+1, Niamh Morton 12, Luke Morton 17+2, Jack Brownell 3, Kielan Burton 10+1, Laura Watson 11+2, Joe Brownell 2