MATCH REPORT: Taylor on top in Bury Club Championships

With the season at a close, and Autumn well and truly with us, it was time for the Bury club to finalise their racing events for the season, in the shape of the club junior and senior indie, and the Ken MacCreesh junior and juvenile event.

First off was the two club individuals, with the additional event of a short 5 rider indie for the juvenile riders tagged in between the races .

Danny Taylor took heat 1 from gate 1, but an almighty battle was going on behind with Neil Howarth, Will Owens and Asim Hussain, with Neil just taking it on the line.

Adam Taylor, who has been improving all year, took heat 2 from grid 2 with Kris Ramsden holding Kaysar Mohammadi behind to take 2nd from grid 4. Heat 3 was a grid to line win for Adam Turnbull from grid 3. Which he immediately followed with another win from grid 4.

Will Owens took his first win in heat 5 chased hard by Kaysar Mohammadi. Heat 6 gave Adam Taylor his 2nd win from grid 3 over Neil Howarth. Kris Ramsden held Asim Hussain behind him to take heat 7.

Danny Taylor took a second win in heat 8 to keep himself in the game, holding Kaysar Mohammadi behind him. Will Owens also kept his hopes alive with his second win in heat 9.

Kris Ramsden cleared Adam Turnbull and Neil Howarth from gate 3 to take his second win in heat 10. Adam Taylor kept his lead with his 3rd win in heat 11 over Adam Hussain, then took another win this time over elder brother Danny in heat 12 after the race had been rerun 3 times.

Kris Ramsden took heat 13 over Will Owens after Asim Hussain was excluded on the gate. Neil Howarth took an easy win from gate 1 in heat 14 to keep his hopes alive of a placing.

Adam Turnbull beat Kaysar Mohammadi in heat 15, Kris Ramsden won heat 16 over Danny Taylor putting himself on 19 and the target to aim for.

Heat 17 saw Will Owens hold Adam Taylor and Adam Turnbull to give himself 17 points, with Adam Taylor joining Kris on 19 and Adam Turnbull finishing on 16. Kaysar Mohammadi inexplicably moved on the gate and got an exclusion allowing Neil Howarth a gift from gate 4 to finish on 17 points in heat 18.

The last heat saw Asim Hussain beat Louis Turner and take his first win. So as in the last two club indies, there was a run off on 19 between Adam Taylor, and the rider who had won the event for the last 3 years, Kris Ramsden.

Adam won the toss and took gate 2, Kristian missed his pedal coming off the gate and couldn’t close down Adam who took a worthy win and also the Junior trophy as he is just 16. Kris was second, and in the run off between Will Owens and Neil Howarth, Will took a start to finish win over the ever chasing Neil to take 3rd.

Adam Turnbull took 2nd junior and Louis Turner 3rd. The Juvenile event was won by Harry Radford, Josh Neath was second, and Dawar Mohhamadi 3rd.

On the 8th October, the final event of the season was held – the Ken MacCreesh event for junior and juveniles. Adam Turnbull took the event with a max 16 points, coming from behind in heat 1o pass Kaysar Mohammadi who had held him from the gate.

Kaysar won his other races to take 2nd place with Asim Hussain taking 14 points and his first ever trophy in 3rd place.

The juvenile event was won by Harry Radford, on 13 points. Dawar Mohammadi took 2nd on 12 points, and Thom Deakin took his first ever trophy on 11 points.

This was what Ken MacCreesh envisaged when he donated the trophy, that it would give the younger end of the riders a chance to pick up their first trophy and give them encouragement, which was exactly what happened this time.