MATCH REPORT: Wednesfield finally get their league campaign underway

Wednesfield’s first Midland League match of the season took place on Sunday. There was no Division 3 match as Wednesfield unfortunately couldn’t get together a team due to riders/parents having other commitments.

However their Divisions 2 and 1 teams did not let the wet weather conditions dampen their spirits.

Despite the weather not being on their side, the Division 2 team did not fail to put on a great performance.

After drawing in the first heat they then went on to a streak of four 7-3 wins meaning after 5 heats they already had a 16 point lead over the Monarchs.

By the last heat they had a 44 point lead thanks to two more 5-5 heats as well as two 6-4 wins and an excellent six other 7-3 wins to leave the final score as Leicester 53 Wednesfield 97

Wednesfield scores: Alex Aris 18, Graham Kemp 17, Tom Bewick 16, Josh Whetton 16, Harrie Everiss 15, Tyler Bould 15

The Division 1 side also put on a great performance, obtaining a convincing 36-53 lead over the Monarchs by half time, even after Chris Jewkes suffered a tape exclusion in heat 3 giving Leicester a 7-2 advantage.

Following the interval Wednesfield brought home the win after getting another two 6-4 wins as well as three 5 all heats and four 7-3 maximums meaning the Aces finished 38 points ahead with the end result being Leicester 70 Wednesfield 108

Wednesfield scores: Paul Heard 18+2, Brandon Whetton 18+2, Matt Smith 16+2, Mark Griffiths 16+1, Lee Kemp 15+1, Scott Doherty 10+1, Harrie Everiss 8, Chris Jewkes 7