MATCH REPORT: Scottish 4’s & Junior League Round 1

Edinburgh opened the 4’s and Grand Prix Series for the Scottish and Tyneside Teams at Redbraes Park. Fife, Glasgow and, Northumbria joined the Division One Club, who split their quartets into two Teams, Edinburgh and Leith. Team Manager, Stevie Gilroy evened up his sides, which certainly enhanced the new Competition. Whilst scores were tight throughout, three times the leaders changed and four of the Teams were within touching distance of one another at any one time. The two Redbraes sides, perhaps with the luxury of a “Home” round, finished top. Leith winners on 49 points, Edinburgh 6 points behind. Fife gave a good account of themselves on 41 points. One can only wonder what if top man, Craig Hardie had been in the Revolutions Four. Nortumbria finished on 38 points with Glasgow 10 points behind the Vikings.
Niall Morton went through the card for Leith, in his four rides. Jason Keith and Mikey Hewitson each dropping a point for, Northumbria and Edinburgh repectively. Jake Slight backing up “Leith” Teammate Morton with 14 and Vas Hill and Andy MacDougall scoring 13 points for Fife and Glasgow.
Some very interesting and, enjoyable racing on view. None more so than MacDougall and Lewis Alsop’s photo-finish on the line, in Heat 10. The Glasgow man leaving the gap on the third bend entry for Alsop to pass under and MacDougall to make the “T.V. finish” for the run to the line, nearly missing out.
The match was well handled by debutant Referee, Calum Slight.

Scorers –

Edinburgh Falcons 43; Mikey Hewitson 15, Craig Newsome 13, Neil McPherson 10, John Murphy 3, Iain MacDonald 2.
Leith Falcons 49; Niall Morton 16, Jake Slight 14, Gavin Kennedy 11, Ewan Kennedy 8, Ewan Tulloch DNR.
Fife Revolutions 41; Vas Hill 13, Lewis Alsop 11, Harris Alsop 11, Danny Peoples 6.
Glasgow 28; Andy MacDougall 13, Joe Beuckmann 6, Colin Gray 5, Chic Mackie 4.
Northumbria 38; Jason Keith 13, Shane Gray 9, Jordan Smith 7, Terry Kirkup 7, Ashie Paterson DNR.

The Individual Grand Prix Series was split into three groups. The under-13s involving the kids from, Edinburgh, Leith and, Fife. Every one of the seven had some great moments, with Gemma McPherson and Nathan Slight taking a slender lead after the first Round. Young Oliver Slight winning his first ever competitive race.

Scorers – Gemma McPherson (Edinburgh) 14, Nathan Slight (Leith) 14, Rory Payne (Fife) 13, Maxwell Newsome (Edinburgh) 10, Lyla Peoples (Fife) 9, Amy MacDonald (Edinburgh) 9, Oliver Slight (Leith) 7.

The Division 2 Series had 11 Riders, four all tying on 14 points. Once again the level and balance of the Riders made for some entertaining racing in this opening round.

Scorers – Terry Kirkup (Northumbria) 14, Joe Beuckmann (Glasgow) 14, Gavin Kennedy (Leith) 14, Harris Alsop (Fife) 14, Ewan Kennedy (Leith) 13, Shane Gray (Northumbria) 10, Ewan Tulloch (Leith) 9, Jordan Smith (Northumbria) 8, John Murphy (Edinburgh) 7, Colin Gray (Glasgow) 7, Iain MacDonald (Edinburgh) 5.

The nine Division 1 Riders were interspersed every second Heat with D2. Fife’s Vas Hill & Lewis Alsop and Glasgow’s Andy MacDougall opted to race Division 1. They certainly made the competition a bit more tasty and kept themselves in mix with some terrific rides.

Scorers – Mikey Hewitson (Edinburgh) 15, Niall Morton (Leith) 13, Jake Slight (Leith) 13, Vas Hill (Fife) 13, Jason Keith (Northumbria) 12, Lewis Alsop (Fife) 12, Neil McPherson (Edinburgh) 11, Andy MacDougall (Glasgow) 9, Craig Newsome (Edinburgh) 8.