RESULTS: BYJL South-East & Eastern Regional Round 4

Here are the results from the BYJL South-East & Eastern Regional Round 4 at Hellingly which also doubled up as Round 4 of the South-East Grand Prix series:

Under 8’s

1st Connor Jarret (Norwich)

2nd Logan Farber (Gt Blakenham)

3rd Isaac Powling (Kesgrave)

4th Samuel Ridley (Hellingly)

Under 10’s

1st Luca Woodhouse (Kesgrave)

2nd Ollie Edmunds (Kesgrave)

3rd Oscar Hammond (Kesgrave)

4th Lilly Parr (Kesgrave)

Under 12’s

1st Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave)

2nd Shaun Kell (Norwich)

3rd Harry Sefton (Hellingly)

4th Paul Edward (Hellingly)


1st Phoebe Hammond (Kesgrave)

2nd Josie Kell (Norwich)

Under 14’s

1st Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave)

2nd Harry Sexton (Hellingly)

3rd Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave)

4th Kai Gowers (Ipswich)

Under 18’s

1st James Porter (Ipswich)

2nd George Morley (Hellingly)

3rd Tom Blackmore (Norwich)

4th Daniel Longlands (Hethersett)


1st Fraser Harris (Ipswich)

2nd Steve Hammond (Kesgrave)

3rd Jamie Medler (Norwich)

4th Steven Archer (Hellingly)


1st Stean Jolly (Kesgrave)

2nd Ed Ridley (Hellingly)

Team scores total after 4 rounds 1st Kesgrave 17 points, 2nd Ipswich 13 points, 3rd Norwich 9 points, 4th Hethersett 6 points, 5th Hellingly 5 points.