RESULTS: BYJL national round one from Poole

Here are the full results for last weekends national round of the British Youth and Junior League from Poole.

Under 8s

A  1st Oli Saunders  2nd JJ Wildman  3rd Tommy Rope 4th Chalie Parr

B  1st Sonny Whale  2nd Scott Rowles  3rd Charlie Brabrook  4th Charlie Collins

C  1st Joe Brownell  2nd Ben Ives  3rd Boyd Haynes  4th Max Quarmby

D  1st Natalie Goulden  2nd Connor Legg  3rd Duncan Whalley 4th Corey Burt

Poole 71 Exeter 41 Kesgrave 30 Wednesfield 19 Sheffield 12 Bury 9 Coventry 6 Ipswich 0

21 riders

Under 10s

A  1st Olly Reynolds  2nd John White  3rd Rosie Tidball 4th Connor Steele

B  1st Joe Quarmby  2nd Jack Brownell  3rd Jack Allman  4th Shannon Tucker

C  1st Joe Hurren  2nd Mac Briggs 3rd Jack Reynolds  4th Nathan Loveridge

D  1st Harry Radford  2nd James Bishop  3rd Todd Rowley  4th  Megan Burt

Exeter 35 Wednesfield 24 Poole 24 Kesgrave 16 Bury 15 Sheffield 14 Coventry 11 Ipswich 0

21 Riders

Under 12s

A  1st  Louis Brinkhoff  2nd Tom Whitwam  3rd Jake Vincent  4th Nathan Goulden

B  1st  Ben Clarke  2nd Ben Wells  3rd Louis Turner  4th Maddie Saunders

C  1st  Kai Manger  2nd Tyler Bould  3rd Anna Tuttle  4th Ryan Winwood

D  1st KJ Legge  2nd Sophia Sinclair-Black  3rd Daniel Miller  4th Amanda Rigley

Poole 49 Kesgrave 42 Bury 20 Wednesfield 18 Exeter 17 Sheffield 15 Coventry 14 Ipswich 13

Under 14s

A  1st James Bunting 2nd Harrison Bacon  3rd Sean Bennett  4th Owen Tidball

B  1st Michael Preston 2nd Callum Smith  3rd Will Jeffrey  4th Ben Tinsdale

C  1st Keanu Bowers  2nd Spencer Sawbridge  3rd Devon Campbell  4th Ollie Morris

D  1st Jimmy Wassall  2nd Fraser Garnett  3rd Evan Vincent  4th Louis Wright

Poole 41 Coventry 29 Kesgrave 24 Ipswich 16 Sheffield 15 Exeter 14 Wednesfield 6 Bury 5

23 Riders

Under 17s

A  1st Callum Albin  2nd Brandon Whetton  3rd Reece Pollitt  4th Ben Harvey

Poole 37 Wednesfield 31 Ipswich 27 Coventry 25 Sheffield 14 Ipswich 0 Bury 0 Exeter 0

17 Riders


A  1st Lauren Hookway  2nd Krissie Mines  3rd Macie Schmidt  4th Lily Gedge

B  1st Sammi Marsh  2nd Chloe Whitehead  3rd Emily Pitt  4th Elizabeth Rigley

C  1st Bethany Briggs  2nd Leah Horton 3rd Kara Lomas

Poole 36  Exeter 27  Ipswich 13

11 Riders

Qualifying Club totals

  1. Poole 258
  2. Exeter 134
  3. Kesgrave 112
  4. Wednesfield 98
  5. Coventry 85
  6. Sheffield 70
  7. Ipswich 69
  8. Bury 52


Total 115 riders